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gps tracker

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GPS Tracker for car

Presenting new & advanced GPS tracker for car. A car is always loveable & valuable for the owner. After using our GPS tracker in Car you can control your car in a fingertip. Our GPS tracker is not just for the real-time tracking system, it can be track fuel, power, Air Condition, driver behavior and lots more. SppedtrackGPS offers you this GPS tracking device in lowest price also.

The benefit of GPS tracker for car

#1. Real time tracking system

After installing our GPS tracker in your car, you can able to track your car’s real-time location & speed.

#2. Control fuel & power.

Our GPS tracker for car, contain fuel and power sensor also. You can stop your car by sending a simple SMS.

#3. Low battery alert

Sppedtrackgps device can be run from 9v to 36v. You also get alert in your smartphone when your car’s battery will low.

#4. Geo-fance alert

Geo-fence alert is the most important option for you. You will get the alert when your car crosses the geofence boundary.

#5. Ignition on/off Alert

You will get the instant notification alert of ignition. After installing our GPS tracker in car.

#6. Over speed Alert

Now you also get the over speed alert of the car in your smartphone. 

#7. Disable petrol or power

After installing our GPS tracker in car, you can disable car’s petrol or power from your smartphone.

#8. SOS Call & Panic bottom

  SOS call or panic bottom can be integrated with our GPS tracker.

#9. Voice listen

After installing our GPS tracker in your car, you can hear the voice from your car. 

#10. Vibration alert

With this advanced GPS tracking system, you also get car vibration alert.

GPS Tracking Software and mobile App

GPS Tracking Software and mobile App.

Our Advanced GPS tracking Software and mobile app help you to track end numbers of vehicle on a single platform. Our Software is made in and backend server is MySQL. We use Microsoft Azure server and Amazon cloud for backup, That’s why our software is 10 times faster from other GPS software and 99.99% uptime. Take a look at some of the key features of our software.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • SOS call & panic bottom
  • Door Status Detection
  • Two Way Communications
  • Multiple Alert Systems
  • Theft Protection
  • AC On/Off
  • Engine On/Off
  • Speed Alert System
  • Geo-Fencing and 200+ more features
Fuel Dashboard

Control your vehicle fuel and power.

Using our GPS Tracker software and mobile application you can take a report of your vehicle fuel and AC report online. Prevent unwanted uses of AC then you can save up to 20% of fuel cost. We always work hard to make our software more advanced and user-friendly.

You can save RC book, insurance, pollution and other info that you can use for further use as a reminder. Also can track driver’s behavior and besides other benefits.

what people say about sppedtrackgps

After installing Spped track GPS I can find any destination easily. Our logistic manager set the point where to go and how much goods deliver to them. Its save my time and money. Thanks, Sppedtrackgps for making our life simple.
Indian Truck driver
Tukaram Apte
Truck Driver
As a transporter, it's very difficult to manage thousands of vehicles. After installing Sppedtrack GPS we can now easily track every movement of our vehicle. Now we are also tracking record of our fuel also. I strongly recommend sppedtracker for every vehicle.
Sanjay Patil
CEO, CRN Logistic
I have a restaurant, where we provide free home delivery. We have more than 15 bikes. Someone suggest me for installing GPS tracker in bike. After installing it we save up to 30% of fuel. Also, we can stop the bike on the spot when something going wrong.
Owner, Indan rest.

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