How to stop a car when brakes fail

How to stop a car when brakes fail, with pictures

Learn how to stop a car when brakes fail. Stop your car from 80 kmph to 0 kmph just in  8 sec.

According to a survey more then 5000 brake fails happens in India.  Here we are trying  to describe how to deal in such condition. Just spend 2 mins to learn it, and share with your near and dear one.

Step - 1, Make sure your car's hand brake area is always free

Always take a look of your car’s handbrake area is free or not. Never put anything on the handbrake area. Water bottle, purse, handbags can be dangerous for it.

Step - 2, Keep calm don't be panic

Please keep calm and don’t be panic after knowing that your car’s engine brake not working anymore. You are all safe without engine brake also. Immediately hit on brake padel 2-3 times, sometimes it works. Otherwise, follow the next steps.

Step - 3, Turn on emergency lights

Turn on emergency lights of your car in such condition, stop music player to concentrate. Try to run in a side of a road.

Step - 4, Apply half hand brake in top gear.

Pull half hand brake of your car gently wait 1-2 sec, for slow down the car.

Step - 5, Down car's gear

Hold the clatch and down the gear. For an example, if you are running your car in 5th gear please down it to 2nd gear. Now you are ready to pull the full handbrake of your car. Pull it stop your car and call a mechanic.

Live video demonstration

Here we share a video for you to better understand.

Video credit : Knowledge Kingdom

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