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GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles

Live Battery percentage | Distance Travel Estimate | Slow and Fast Charging Info | Actual Odometer Reading | Plug and Play Device 
GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles

Why GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles ?

GPS Tracker for Electric Vehicles is needed for every EV vehicle owner. By using this AI-based GPS tracker you can track your real-time Battery percentage, Distance to empty, Charging Status, and 200+ More live parameters.

The GPS Tracking Software for Electric Vehicles is specially designed for the Oweners who operate their vehicles in OLA, Uber, and other car rental platforms.
First Time in India We provide the Entire System with Our AIS 140 GPS, which means the owner of the commercial vehicle does not need to purchase two Tracking modules.
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Benefits of GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 1

Live Battery Tracking

Track your Electric Vehicle’s Battery Percentage with our EV GPS Tracking System. Battery Tracking System is the most useful for Electric Vehicles.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 2

Distance To Empty

EV Oweners can Track Distance to empty Kilometer from our mobile Application. The Owener can Plan for Charge Accordingly.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 3

Gear Tracking System

Live Gear Status Can be tracked with this system. You can checked Drive, Sports, and Reverse gear stage.You can Save lots of battery with this.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 4

Accurate Odometer

By using this iOT device you can keep an eye on your exact odometer data. You can plan for service accordingly. 

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 5

Car Door Status

Car Door Tracking System is Also Available With This proposed technology. You can track remotely which door is opened and when.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 6

Headlight Status Track

Check Realtime Headlight Status With our tracker. From Your Mobile, you can track the current headlight’s high beam and low beam status.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 7

AC Blower Status

Advanced AC Tracking is Also Available With This. The AC Blower Speed is also tracked with this Electric Vehicle GPS Tracker.

GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles 8

100+ CAN Data

In this Short webpage, we can’t explain all the features of this advanced GPS System. There are more than 100 CAN Data available.

AIS 140 GPS for Electric Vehicles with Panic Button

First time in India SppedtrackGPS team provides AIS 140 GPS for Electric Vehicles with Panic Button. We Also Provide VLTD & BSNL certificates with This.

We can Install the GPS Tracking System in any Electric vehicle in India. The AI-based Mobile application and web platform will help you to analyze the reports.We provide hassle-free RTO passing for your car.

There is no extra hidden cost for anything up to 2 years. All the Fittings will be done without any wire cuts, so your car’s warranty will remain the same.

AIS 140 GPS For Electric Vehicles

Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

We are with SpeedtrackGPS for the last 3 years. Like other solutions, they provide a superior-quality GPS Tracker For Electric Vehicles. Earlier Manging Electric vehicles were very difficult. With this Advanced GPS Tracking System and iOT based GPS tracking Software, we can Easily Track Everything Like Battery Percentage, Nearest Charging Station, Distance to empty, and all other details.

Mr. Richard Operation Manager

As per government rules AIS 140 GPS and Panic button are mandatory for passing commercial vehicles. For Electric vehicles earlier we install 2 different GPS one for Passing Purposes and one for Electric vehicle parameters checking, which means we spent a lot of amount on it. Also, two GPS drains the Car Battery. Thanks to the SpedtrackGPS team for combining the solution into one.

Sunil Singh
Mr. Sunil Singh CEO, Blue Stack Fleet

GPS Tracker for Electric Vehicles made our fleet operation easy. The Best Thing about this entire system is iOT based mobile application. We can manage everything from the Application. The Gear tracking option is the most helpful option for us. The Drivers are running the cars in sports mode which means the battery drains faster, and we pay a lot of amount for car charging.

Mr. Rajesh Gaikawad General Manager

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