The RFID, ERP and Biometric School Attendance System.

School Attendance Management System

School Attendance Management System

The School Attendance Management System is meant to make teachers’ work easier. In today’s competitive world teachers need advanced tools that help them manage class time efficiently. Faculty members spend much time completing formal duties like taking daily student attendance details which is time-consuming. To help teachers save time and be more efficient, we have developed this software for that purpose.

School Attendance Management System is a software that will reduce the manual filling of students’ information. It is a digital attendance platform that allows automatic recording of students’ attendance. Student Attendance System helps to maintain accurate records and generate summarized reports. With this system daily track records track record of employees or students can be kept, working hours, breaks, login, and logout times as well.

The School Attendance System prevents time theft by either students or staff. It also integrates the use of smart cards, biometric identification, and facial recognition systems. It makes daily activities at school easier by keeping attendance reports, absentee lists, letters, exam results, and other documents almost effortlessly. The student attendance system helps teachers mark the online attendance of students during class, which reduces manual work. It’s excellent in enabling school administrators to record, manage & compile daily student attendance data. This software also allows teachers to generate student reports with 100% accuracy.

School Attendance Management System

The Best Way to Automate Student Attendance Management System

The Student Attendance Management System works in different ways, and institutions can always choose a system that suits their needs. For the attendance system to work, it requires Centralised School Management Software (CSMS) which operates in the following ways:

RFID Attendance Management System

1.RFID Attendance Management System Software.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System is the most popular Student Attendance System. It uses a simple mechanism to operate, that helps to mark the entire class registration details within seconds.
  • Each student is given a smart RFID card. The smart card contains a unique identification number that belongs to a specific holder ONLY!
  • Then, the RFID system is installed in places like the school’s entrance, classroom, library, or any other important location. It is installed together with the UHF (Ultra-high Frequency) portal to enhance speed and efficiency.
  • Students or employees with smart cards after passing through the reader, the sensor will scan the card automatically, accessing their unique identification number and attendance for that day is recorded. This can be done even when the card is in the pocket or a bag.
  • The RFID Student Management System reader is capable of reading several cards at once and therefore, the records of multiple people are marked simultaneously.
  • The data obtained by the RFID reader is automatically recorded by the integrated school ERP software. The software then stores this information, allowing schools to get access to details of every student in each class.

2. Biometric Attendance Management System

The Biometric School Attendance Management System is very good at recording students’ attendance data. It is an electronic and automatic system and therefore saves both time and energy from being wasted. The Biometric Attendance Management System works in the following way:

  • The fingerprint of each student is collected and saved in the biometric system, which is integrated with an educational ERP School Management Software which helps administrators to operate from one platform. This helps to keep the institution’s details centralized.
  • Then students are required to place their fingers on the biometric system and their original fingerprints are taken. Upon completion, the card holders are verified and the data is stored in the system marking their class attendance.
  • Biometric Attendance Management System works on specific fingerprints which are unique in every individual. The system captures the fingerprints in 360 degrees angle ensuring that there are minimal chances of false or proxy attendance by the students. Therefore, this makes the Biometric Attendance System 100% safe, accurate, and a highly reliable system. Similar to the RFID School Management System, the student biometric data is recorded and stored by the ERP software, enabling teachers and school administrators to access, view and manage information in real-time.
Biometric Attendance Management System
School App Attendance Management System

3. School App Attendance Management System

School Attendance Management System is also available in an app. Just like any other app on your phone, it makes communication quicker between parents and teachers. This app works together with the School Attendance System with SMS System and is very effective in managing student attendance. It is integrated with educational ERP software to help teachers in the following ways;

  • The School Attendance Management System allows teachers to mark students’ class attendance within seconds, and this reduces time wastage by teachers when they fill details manually, making them more productive at school.
  • The School Attendance System with SMS enables parents to directly request leave for their children through the app. The best part is that students on leave will be marked as “on leave” on the app when marking the attendance list. This in return will relieve teachers of the burden of anxiety and worry when a student is missing a class.
  • The School Attendance System with SMS will then automatically send an SMS (message). It updates both parents and teachers also by sending automatically generated push notifications. We have another integrated system called GPS School Bus Tracking System which can be used to send parents important updates such as pick-up times and locations. The GPS School Bus Tracking System together with the School Attendance System with SMS notifies the parents of the status of their students while traveling back, which further ensures student safety.

Why Choose Online School Attendance Management System?

The School Attendance Management Software objective is to reduce time lost when using manual ways to record attendance. The Students Attendance System gives a summary of every student’s attendance history in seconds.

  • Instant updates. The online School Attendance System keeps parents and teachers up to date by generating important updates as soon as they happen. All this is made possible by the School Attendance Management System with SMS that always pushes short messages.
  • The system records school data and stores it systematically. It arranges data in terms of name, date, time, etc, making it easy to retrieve.
  • It makes a summary of each student or employee and send it to the relevant authority weekly, monthly or yearly.

3 Key Advantages of Attendance Management System.

  • User-Friendly: Data storage and recovery are fast and secure. Also, the system provides graphic reports that are easy to interpret and grasp.
  • Quick Report Generation: The system provides attendance reports according to date, time, day, class, month, year, etc, and is accessed very quickly. Both current and past students’ reports files can be automatically accessed.
  • Accuracy: The system reduces paperwork which minimizes room for errors, providing 100% error-free data.
Benifit of School Attendance Managemnet System

Key Features of Online Attendance Management System:

  • A simple online attendance app designed to suit specific school attendance needs.
  • Ability to store unlimited student attendance data records for up to 15 years.
  • Compatibility in both the web & mobile devices.
  • Requires strong internet connection to run effectively.
  • Ability to connect teachers and parents instantly.


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

Hi, I'm Ritika from DPS Ajmer from 7th Std. My school gives me an ID card. Now my parents get a moment SMS notification once I reach the varsity or once I leave the varsity premises. Also, I can check my monthly attendance report from the mobile app.
Student of DPS
Big thanks because of speedtrack team from simplifying the attendance. Now we just take a glance of the whole classroom's attending record during a single click. Now we will spend more and longer on the student's academic study.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
Before installing the RFID System on our campus, I used to be spending much time to see the attendance report of the whole staff. Now I can track the presence report from any remote location including teachers and staff also.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford
FAQs on RFID, ERP & Biometric School Attendance System Software.

1. What is a Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric Attendance System is a device very essential in recording the exact time when students or faculty members reach school. The manual system is not reliable because it does not provide accuracy of time. Since it is a biometric system, it helps school administrators to assess the students' and faculty members' transparency. It prevents theft of time which leads to poor performances in school.

2.How does the Biometric Attendance System Work?

The Biometric Attendance System works in a very simple way. All you need is to acquire fingerprints from students and employees, then fill the data in the server within the school. Anytime a student enters the school premises, he/she will just scan the thumb and all the information about the student will be recorded. For example, the time in and out, name of the student, class, etc. What makes this system secure is that every fingerprint is unique making it hard for hackers to manipulate the system. It does not require the use of smart IDs.

3.How Do the Biometric Attendance System Track Students/Employees in Real-Time?

Yes. The Biometric Attendance System tracks students' time by providing instant SMS and notifications to parents and teachers. The system works closely with an SMS software which keeps parents updated.

4.What Are the Advantages of Using a Biometric Attendance System?

● Highly Secured-Biometric Attendance System provides 100% security to all the details stored in the server. Also, because each fingerprint is different and original, the system eliminates chances of data access and manipulation by unauthorized people.
● The real-time updates-the system provides teachers and parents with updates that help them know if the student is in school or not. This curbs the problem of truancy, enhancing productivity in education.
● Time Saving-unlike the manual filing and recording of data, it performs the entire process automatically. By just scanning the fingerprint, all the necessary data is acquired and stored instantly saving time.
● Cost effective-the Biometric Attendance System is very affordable and any institution can afford it. It is a system that can serve hundreds of people daily, and this saves money as compared to employing people to do the job. The reduction of manpower makes it a super system!
● No Proxy Attendance. Because this system relies purely on unique fingerprints, it means that no attendance can be recorded when the fingerprint is not available. This prevents students and employees from accessing them unless they are present and on school premises.
● Super storage-the Biometric Attendance System has mega storage of information. The system serves many people per day, so you can imagine how much data is stored in a year. Its super storage ability enables this biometric system to store data for years without fail.

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