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Student Dispersal System

Student Dispersal System

Student Dispersal System using RFID is a simple but unique concept. Radio-Frequency technology can all the dispersal system automatically. No need manpower for it, it can be done from parent’s ID card.

How RFID Based Student dispersal system's idea comes on our mind?

Before a few months, one of our valuable clients tells that student dispersal is the biggest problem for their school. At the time of student diffusion lots of parents coming to pick their child. For security reasons teachers have to check their ID cards and make an announcement on the mic, then the child comes out to go with their parents. For the busy schedule some parents can’t come to the campus, but send some representatives to pick their child. But again for security reasons, the teacher calls them and waiting for the confirmation for the same. For these manual processes lots of problems coming, we are describing the problems bellow, point by point. We SPDTG team always love to address any problems with any educational institute. With the help of our experienced team, we make a simple solution for it. Please spend some minutes for understanding it. 

What type of problems coming at the time of Student dissemination?

  1. Lot of time taking procedure.
  2. Multiple Teachers & staff needed.
  3. Big Security Issue.
  4. Other class disturbance for making an announcement on the mic.
  5. Traffic jams issue on Gate.
  6. Parents have to wait a long time.
  7. No record maintain of dissemination time.
Student Dispersal System

10 Points here, Why Radio-Frequency Based Student dispersal system effective for school?

  1. Quick & easy operation.
  2. Next-generation High-tech security.
  3. No announcement needed.
  4. No additional manpower needed.
  5. Any Representative can pick the child.
  6. Fake ID card not accessible.
  7. Data & Photos will be displayed on any display and smartboard.
  8. Notification to parents at the time of diffusion.
  9. Maintain a long time record.
  10. Digital pass for early leaving students.
RFID Based Student Dispersal System (FILEminimizer)

How to use RFID Based Student diffusion system?

We just change the parent’s ID card and give our RFID card to them. Then we will install some Radio-Frequency devices in the institute gate. When parents show their card in the gate’s device, the software displays the data on class smart board & anywhere you want. Then a record store on our central server for reporting purposes. 


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

A boring part of my life was standing in a queue, after leaving my class. Earlier days the dispersal system was so outdated. After Installing this RFID System, I get intimation when my parents at the campus gate. Big thanks to our management team.
Student of DPS
After installing this Radio-Frequency based student scattering system, I can take a break after finished my classes. Before installing this system, lots of effort needed for student dissemination. Big thanks to the SPDTG team and management team.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
Dissemination time is the most crucial part of school time. Always some complain comes from the parent’s site, as well as from teacher site. After installing this system from the SPDTG team, management now relaxed about student scattering.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford

Our Clients

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