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School bus GPS Tracker

10 benefits of School bus GPS tracker

  1. Live Tracking: After installing the tracker inside the bus, transport in charge can track the vehicles anytime from anywhere.
  2. Fuel Tracking: There are lots of admin teams suffer from theft the fuel from the vehicles. Now they get an instant alert when someone steals the fuel.
  3.  Manage Timings: Time management is the biggest issue, after installing Tracker & RFID devices they can easily manage the time by using the live tracking feature.
  4. Manage parents Query: Parents are very disappointed if the vehicles is late and called, again and again, to transport in charge. Now they can track the bus directly from the mobile app.
  5. Playback: Sometimes transport manager wants to know where the vehicles running on past days, now you can generate the report in multiple formats from our school management software.
  6. Notifications: Our RFID Attendance device installed with the tracker will send the Instant SMS notification alert to the parents about all updates.
  7. Geofencing: For security reasons, if any vehicle going to the wrong route the GPS tracker notifies you immediately. 
  8. Panic Alert: We SPDTG team install the panic button inside the vehicle if anything wrong inside then the student can press it, then admin and local police station get the instant alert of it.
  9. Live Surveillance: Tracking system comes with an integrated CCTV camera, by using this you can keep an eye always inside the bus. The storage system inside the CCTV record the footage for further use.
  10. Engine Cutoff: After Using the tracker, Engine cutoff also in your hand, so if anytime you need to stop the engine anywhere in can stop it within a minute.

School bus GPS Tracker with RFID Attendance System & SMS

The school bus GPS tracker gives the freedom to transport in charge of the institute to track it anytime. Also, they can give Access to the parents to track the vehicle.

Tracking of multiple buses, driver activity, fuel tracking, and speed tracking is the most complicated work for admin staff and transport managers. Sppedtrack makes your work simple by using AIS 140 GPS tracker for the vehicle with RFID Attendance System & SMS. Our RFID attendance system sends an auto SMS notification to parents when their child board and deboard from the bus. The institute admin staff can generate an attendance report online.

Features of School Bus Tracking System

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Real-time Tracking

By Using our AIS 140 GPS tracker for your school buses you can check real-time position of your vehicle.

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Our advanced software keep all the record up to 60 days, you can check the report whenever you want.

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SOS call & Panic bottom use for your student’s safety, if they feel unwell in vehicle then they can use this for quick action from your site.

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Our AIS 140 tracker device is able to fight with dust & water. It’s completely dust & water proof device.

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Now you also get the alert of vehicle doors alert. If the doors are not locked properly you receive the alert of it.

Communication Icon


With MIC and speaker connected, it’s easy to realize voice-monitor or two-way audio

Alert Icon


Get instant alert for over speed, low fuel, open door, geo fencing via mobile app, SMS or Email.

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Protect your vehicle from thief. You can stop the car instantly by sending a simple SMS.

bus-stop icon


Assign route and store all stoppage details in our software. New Driver can easily drive according it.

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Allocate students for separate route wise & stoppage wise. Transport manager can easily get report of seat availability.

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We also provide RFID Attendance system for bus. Parents get automatic SMS notification when their child board or dashboard from vehicle.

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Live monitor your students and driver activity using our NDVR, or store it for further use.

ETA Icon


Now parents also get Estimate Arrival time in their mobile app.

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Collect your transport fee online by using our school management software.

How vehicle's GPS tracker works?

The full form of GPS is a global positioning system. A few years ago tracker used only in a military base and some sensitive areas. To ensure child safety and tracking system purpose we are starting to install a tracker on the bus also. We fix some global positioning system controlling units on the vehicle with the BTS SIM card. The sim card sends the data to the server after every second. We decode the data and show the live status of the bus position, speed, geofencing and lots more. In our school management software and mobile app, parents can track easily where is the vehicle or can calculate the estimated arrival time for the same. Our mission and vision are enhancing student safety in institute campuses as well as vehicle also. If you read the article please share it with your near and dear one.

School Bus GPS Tracker With Panic Button


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

As a transport manager, it's very hard to manage multiple school bus manually. The Sppedtrackgps team makes my woks super easy, now I can monitor everything from my mobile phone. Fuel status, paper renewal information, speed control & lots more in a single click.
Transport Manager
Prateek Sir
Transport Manager, DPS
The first priority of our school is student safety & security. The sppedtrackgps team provides us the complete safety & security solutions for the bus. School Bus GPS tracker helps parents to track the school bus and estimated arrival time. Also, we can track live CCTV footage in the school.
Principal Sir
Jindal Sir
Principal, Vibgyor
Waiting for the school bus every morning is very difficult for us. After installing the Sppedtrackgps on our school bus we can track the school bus in our mobile app. there are also lots of security features inbuilt, like over speed alarm, geofence, instant SMS notifications.
Ms. Lakshmi
Parents, Royal International

Our GPS Tracker Approved By ICAT & ARAI

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School Bus Gps Tracker With The RFID Attendance System & SMS

The school bus GPS tracker gives the freedom to transport in charge to track it anytime. Also, they can give Access to the parents to track their child's school bus.

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