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RFID School Attendance System

What is RFID School Attendance System? If not, let me teach you more about it. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is a system that is used by different institutions such as schools to monitor students’ movement at school. I know you’re wondering how this works, right? Let me teach you more. RFID School Attendance System is an automatic system that is meant to track students’ entrance and exit. The system is becoming very popular particularly here in India.

RIFD School Attendance System operates in this way. For example, when a student is entering the school gate, the laboratory, the library, exiting the school premises, etc, both the parents and teachers are notified by our RFID system. With the help of this system, parents or guardians, even tutors can know how well or bad a student attends class. The automaticity helps reduce the rates of truancy in schools, which in return helps improve students’ grades and performance in general.

RFID School Attendance System

RFID School Attendance System with SMS & App Alert

RFID-Based Student Attendance System with parent SMS alert. The RFID School Attendance System is used in school campuses to enhance student safety purposes. RFID systems usually work with the help of another system called UHF Attendance System. It is a 100% automated system that works independently without the need for manpower. Due to the advancement of modern technology, many schools have adopted it as their mode of data entry and record keeping.

RFID School Management System is not very common in many countries. If you look very closely, especially in third-world countries, you will realize that most schools still use the manual register to maintain the student attendance record. Manual records are time-consuming, and this method is not reliable because recorded data can easily be lost or mismanaged by employees. To offer the solution to this problem, we highly recommend the adoption of our RFID Attendance System. How does this work?

RFID School Attendance System works in a very simple way that can be understood by anyone. First, we provide a digital RFID Identity Card to every student who attends the institution. This card contains a few details concerning the user (student in our case) such as the name, class, picture, unique serial number, age, etc. Once the student enters the school premises, our RFID together with the UHF reader automatically collects the data and sends it to the main server. This system will auto-generate a special code that will send an SMS to the parent’s/guardian’s mobile number within a second.

The RFID System will alert the teachers, who will receive the list of students attending school on that particular day. The teachers will access this information on their mobile applications or in the school attendance management software. We have created this system in such a way that it is also available for the admin in the ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system.

RFID Attendance System UHF module

How Does RFID School Attendance System Work?

The RFID School Attendance is very uncomplicated system. It involves very easy steps to use the RFID School Attendance System. First, the SPDTG team will come and fix some special devices in your institute premises. Then, an RFID tag will be fixed on your student identification card. The RFID attendance system will send the data automatically and instantly to our central server. The central server will send the SMS to parents/guardians, school managers, or even teachers instantly.

The RFID School Attendance System has software that helps you to auto-generate these reports. RFID School Attendance System depends entirely on a wireless protocol to operate. In short, you just need to plug this device in the source of power and it will work automatically, just plug and play. The good thing about this Wireless RFID Attendance system works with Wi-fi protocol. In earlier days the Attendance system depended on LAN to be effective.

Thanks to the new technology nowadays it can be connected to the server directly and work well. The system just needs a Wi-Fi network, because it is a GSM module. We also provide SIM card-based devices and are equally effective.

RFID Student Attendance System

Benefits of RFID School Attendance System.

1-Paperless Attendance System

Paperless System.

Our RFID system is purely paperless, unlike the manual way of records keeping. This means that all the information is kept and saved electronically. This is an advantage because, the information cannot be lost because the system is safe and secure.The system saves time because it is an automatic process, helping both teachers and students save time. You can access this information within seconds.

2- Automated Attendance System

Automated System.

RFID is a 100% automated system. It means that all details are auto-filled, which in return saves both time and energy. It is more of an artificial intelligence system where you do so little and the system does the rest for you. For instance, by just swiping that card or scanning it, all the students’ details are accessible instantly.

3- Prevent Class Bunk

Prevents School Truancy.

RFID School Attendance and Class System can help teachers reduce the rates of truancy in schools. Sometimes students may want to leave the class or school before the right time. This can give teachers tough moments as they may struggle to know who is present or absent. RFID systems have an alarm that will alert teachers, especially when a student is moving out.

4- Classwise Attendance System

Keeps the Number of Students.

RFID is a Student Attendance Monitoring System. Unlike the manual system where the lust of students may be lost, RFID is quite the opposite.  It can register and keep a record which will show you the number of students in school or a certain class per day.

05-Teacher & Staff Attendance

Teacher & Staff attendance

This system is not only meant to track students but also teachers and the rest of the staff. The school managers can use it to check on the cooks, cleaners, delivery and security personnel, etc. The system has some biometric capabilities, which aids in the collection of teachers and staff presence.

06-Unwanted Visitor Entry

Visitor Management

The RFID Management System is also applicable in the management of visitors. Schools can adapt it to help in knowing the numbers of visitors attending school premises, and also the time they showed up. Again, in case the visitor tries to access the school’s restricted zones/areas, the alarm goes on and the school managers or security staff is made aware. This is very key in making sure that students are well protected from any harm

07-Student Dispersal System

Student Dispersal System.

Parents and guardians deserve to know when the students are leaving school, right? For this reason, the RFID system serves this purpose. Let’s say for example a parent has arrived to pick his/her child from school, and that child happens to still be in class. Our system will alert the student of the parent/guardian’s arrival on the smartboard or any display in the classroom.

08- Prevent Entry in lab

Restriction of Entry.

The main aim of developing this system is to enhance security measures. In schools, for example, you can use it to restrict entry to some areas such as laboratories. You can set it in a way that children within a certain age bracket cannot access the lab, which prevents accidents such as burns that may be caused by chemicals or acids in the labs.

09- RFID Washroom Management System

Washroom Management

RFID Monitoring System can also be used to curb criminal activities. Sometimes crimes can happen in the school washrooms. Many schools have experienced similar situations and can use Radio Frequency Identification Systems to prevent unauthorized entry into the washrooms. If unauthorized people cannot access the washrooms in schools, how can children be harmed?

10- RFID Bus Attendance System

Bus Attendance Management

RFID School Attendance and Management System can be used in school buses services as well. To help parents or guardians know when the children are boarding or alighting the school bus, RFID is important. It has an integrated high-technology GPS tracking system that shows the exact location of the school bus. This system also helps parents know how far or close the bus is and can plan the pick-up of their children.

11-RFID Fee Payment System

Fee Records and Management.

The ID card can also help parents manage the school fees for their children. For example, when a parent scans this card, the details of the students are displayed automatically within seconds. From the given details, they can be able to determine the number of fees required.

12-RFID Hostel Management System

Hostel Management.

To prevent unauthorized entry and exit in the student’s hostels the same system can be applied. From the data collected, the numbers of visitors, their names, age, gender, professions, and their relationships with students can be identified. In case an accident or harm happens within the hostel, it will be easier to prosecute the person involved.

13- Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System

Another big advantage of the RFID system is the management of school canteens. It maintains the records of when students take their meals. It also has an option of managing all the payments done by students to buy snacks, drinks, and meals.

14 - Rfid Library Managemet

Library Management System

Sometimes librarians may find it difficult to manage and keep books records. Using RFID automatic systems can help make their work easier. The system can be used to store the number of books in form of, types, subjects, grades, colours, number of words, etc. Also, you can easily know which students have borrowed or returned books within a second. Book theft will also be in control

15- Safe & Scure

Safe & Secure Environment

Make your educational institute’s campus safe and secure with advanced Radio-frequency technology. We SPDTG team working on this almost 7 years.

About Us Information.

RFID for school attendance management system is our main focus. We are a company that primarily focuses on the security of students, employees and teachers as well. We believe that every student deserves to be safe, regardless of their gender, age, skin colour, religion, or social status. To make safety our number one priority, we came up with SPDTG tracking GPS, a product of JIJAU ENTERPRISES. It was created in 2012 and since then we have been on an epic ride. The Idea of an RFID attendance system for students in schools, colleges, and educational institutes opened new gates to access and collect students’ attendance reports.

In 2012 we launched basic school management software, which also made administration works easier.  We can confidently say that the RFID school management system has achieved a lot and we will continue to advance in making school environments safer and better.

Why Choose Us?

There are more than 100 companies available in the market who are providing the RFID Attendance system in school, but we want to tell you why you should choose us. Here are the reasons:

  • After-sale service: We strongly believe in after-sales service to all customers who purchase our services.
  • One-Stop Solution: We provide complete solutions to you, ranging from basic ID cards, GPS, library and toilet security to school management and many other services, all available under one platform.
  • Professional & Experienced Team: All our company team members are very professional. We have been working in this field for more than seven years now, and you can trust us to deliver professional services.
  • International Client Base: There are more than 100+ international clients around the globe who are satisfied with our system. We target to serve more customers in the future as this number will grow.
  • No Advance Payment: SPDTG team never asks for a single rupee before the service is delivered. One thing you should know is that never give any discount after completing the installation services.
  • Fully dynamic software & mobile app: Our software & mobile apps are fully dynamic and are suitable for any educational organization.
  • In House Production: The entire system, e.g., school management software and mobile applications are products of our imagination. So, we can customize anything on it without any charges.
  • Free Demo: SPDTG team provides you with a free demo, to ensure that you have mastered how the system works. We make sure you are satisfied.
  • Cost-Effective: RFID System price is totally affordable. We never charge any extra cost on devices. We give them freely after you purchase the service. Our software supports Impinj, Alien, Realtime, Time-watch, Bio machine & Mantra devices, you can directly purchase from them.
  • Data security: We are very focused on data security. We save the data in an encrypted format on our server. Billdesk, Ingenico & CCAvenue always give us the best compliment for our data security policy.


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

Hi, I'm Ritika from DPS Ajmer from 7th Std. My school gives me an ID card. Now my parents get a moment SMS notification once I reach the varsity or once I leave the varsity premises. Also, I can check my monthly attendance report from the mobile app.
Student of DPS
Big thanks because of speedtrack team from simplifying the attendance. Now we just take a glance of the whole classroom's attending record during a single click. Now we will spend more and longer on the student's academic study.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
Before installing the RFID System on our campus, I used to be spending much time to see the attendance report of the whole staff. Now I can track the presence report from any remote location including teachers and staff also.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford


Many people having queries about RFID Attendance System pricing, for them, we provide this chart. Prices are negotiable. 

₹ 49/ month*
₹ 160/ month*
₹ 300/ month*

FAQ of RFID School Attendance System

Q: What is an RFID School Attendance System?

A: The RFID School Attendance System is a technology-driven solution that utilizes Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to automate the process of recording and tracking student and staff attendance within a school environment.

A: Each student and staff member is provided with an RFID card. The system uses RFID readers to detect and record the presence of these cards, automating the attendance process.

A: Yes, our RFID School Attendance System sends SMS and app alerts to parents and authorized personnel when students arrive at or leave the school premises.

A: Absolutely. Parents can customize their notification preferences, choosing to receive alerts via SMS, app notifications, or both.

A: The RFID cards provide a secure and efficient way to register attendance, minimizing manual errors and ensuring accurate tracking.

A: Yes, the RFID cards are designed to be secure and tamper-resistant, ensuring the integrity of the attendance data.

A: UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology is a type of RFID technology that allows for longer reading distances. Our UHF Attendance System provides extended range and efficient attendance tracking.

A: The extended range of UHF technology is particularly beneficial for large school campuses, allowing for efficient attendance tracking across expansive areas.

A: The system automates attendance recording using RFID technology, eliminating the need for manual entry and ensuring real-time and accurate attendance data.

A: Yes, our Automated RFID Attendance System seamlessly integrates with various school management modules, providing a comprehensive solution.

A: The system triggers an SMS alert to parents as soon as their child arrives at or leaves the school premises, providing instant and real-time notifications.

A: Yes, parents can receive attendance history summaries through SMS alerts, allowing them to stay informed about their child’s attendance patterns.

A: Absolutely. Our system includes a dedicated Teacher & Staff Attendance System, ensuring comprehensive attendance tracking for all school stakeholders.

A: The system streamlines the process of tracking teacher and staff attendance, providing an efficient way to manage workforce attendance records.

A: Integration ensures that the RFID attendance system is seamlessly connected with other school management modules, creating a unified and efficient solution.

A: Yes, the integrated system provides detailed attendance reports, allowing schools to analyze attendance trends and patterns for better decision-making.

A: The ID card-based system eliminates the need for manual attendance registers, offering a faster, more accurate, and automated approach to recording attendance.

A: Yes, schools can customize the design of RFID ID cards to align with their branding and style preferences.

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