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Rfid school attendance system with SMS & app notification

RFID School Attendance system is also called an RFID Student attendance system using ID card & Wireless RFID and UHF Attendance Devices. Most of the schools use a paper-based presence record system for students or staff. The Wireless UHF Attendance system can address this problem very easily. The proposed RFID Card Based attending System can send the instant SMS & App notification to the parents or guardian when a student enters and left the School premises, or even if absent.  

The main usages of the above-mentioned system for school are to simplify the attendance taking procedure and enhancing the security of students. 

RFID School Attendance System

How to use RFID School Attendance System?

It’s very easy to use RFID School Attendance System, SPDTG Team fix some device system in your institute premises, and an RFID tag will be fixed in your student ID card. The RFID Attendance System will send the data instantly to our central server. The Server will send the SMS and App notification to the parents instantly. And School management software will help you to auto-generate the reports.

RFID Devices are working with wireless protocol, so no need any complicated wiring for it, just plug and play.

RFID School Attendance System

Why the RFID Student Attendance system?

The RFID Student Attendance System can help you to collect the presence record of students or employees. It’s an automated attendance system, so no need for any manpower or any effort from your site. RFID System can prevent the class bunk, because it instantly sends the SMS to the parents. Also, an alarm will intimate the management if any students tried to leave the premises without permission before time.

The proposed attendance system can work for you silently, with a 100% accuracy, and completely paperless way.

RFID Student Attendance system

Where RFID Attendance System can be used in school?

1-Paperless Attendance System

1-Paperless System

After using this RFID Attendance System in your institute, you can take the whole student attending reports in a few minutes. It’s a completely paperless process. 

2- Automated Attendance System

2-Automated System

A small part of artificial intelligence is the Automated Attendance System for school. This system can automate the whole procedure.

3- Prevent Class Bunk

3-Prevent Class Bunk

Prevent class bunk by using the UHF Attendance device. A tag will fix in the dress or inside the ID card. An alarm will intimate when a student going for bunk.

4- Classwise Attendance System

4-Class Wise Attendance System

The maximum number of colleges taking class wise attendance, it consumes lots of time. By using an RFID Handheld device it can be done in a minute. 

05-Teacher & Staff Attendance

5-Teacher & Staff attendance

SPDTG Team fixes some biometric devices for collecting the presence record of teachers and staff. This procedure is completely online.

06-Unwanted Visitor Entry

6-Visitor Management

The RFID visitor management system can enhance the security level of your campus. An alarm will be raised if visitors trying to enter any restricted area.

07-Student Dispersal System

7-Student Dispersal System

The student dispersal system will easier with the RFID System. The system will display the parent arrival alert on the smartboard or any display in the classroom.

08- Prevent Entry in lab

8-Restriction in Lab Entry

The lab is a very sensitive area in the institute Sometimes small kids are also entering the area and play with the lab material. This system prevents unauthorized entry.

09- RFID Washroom Management System

9- Washroom Management

Radio Frequency Systems also prevent unauthorized entry in the toilet also. Sometimes a big crime happened in the toilet like Rayan International, Gurugram India.

10- RFID Bus Attendance System

10-Bus Attendance System

Bus attendance system intimate parents when child board or deboard on the bus. The high-tech GPS tracking system will show the exact location of the bus.

11-RFID Fee Payment System

11-Fee Management

The ID card can make your fee collection system automatic. When any parents show their card on the reader, the data coming on the screen automatically. 

12-RFID Hostel Management System

12- Hostel Management

Prevent unauthorized entry & exit in the hostel by using our RFID system in the hostel. Visitor entry also recorded in this system.

13- Canteen Management System

13-Canteen Management System

Canteen management is also done by our  Software. It maintains the record of when students taking their meal. Payment management is also manageable with this.

14 - Rfid Library Managemet

14-Library Management System

Manage all library books by using our UHF RFID in the library. Easily issue or return any books within a second. The theft control device also including this module.

15- Safe & Scure

15-Safe & Secure Environment

Make your educational institute’s campus safe and secure with advanced Radio-frequency technology. We SPDTG team working on this almost 7 years.

Where does the RFID Card attendance System work?

RFID Card attendance System Works in School, college or any university. Actually, below 18 years of students, the Spiral of the finger is not developed fully, so fingerprint devices sometimes do not recognize the student. Every student has an ID card for entering the campus, and we are fixing the UHF Card on that. Then the card device automatically recognizes the students when entering or leaving the school premises. Sound good? Contact us for a free demo.

RFID Student Attendance system

About UHF Attendance System

The UHF Attendance system is a next-generation RFID module that is used in a big industry or campus management. With the help of Impinj UHF readers, we make it simple for any type of school attendance system. The UHF Attendance System can collect the data of multiple students automatically. We implement this UHF Attendance System in the library, Hostel, Canteen and inside the toilet also.

UHF Attendance System

How Wireless RFID Attendance System works?

Wireless RFID Attendance system basically works with Wi-fi protocol. Earlier days the Attendance system was LAN based that meant it needs a LAN wire to operate the system. But nowadays it can be connected to the server directly in a wireless way. The System Just need a wifi network for it or a GSM module. We also provide SIM card based Devices.

Wireless RFID reader

Advantages of RFID for School attendance management System

RFID for the school attendance management system is a unique concept for making the whole campus safe and secure. The full form of the RFID is Radio frequency identification its works using radio technology. All you know after Barcode & QR code the Radio technology is the most powerful innovation for identification of anything. Here are some key points on how benefited RFID for the school.

  1. Enhance Security: Unlimited numbers of crime cases happening with the students every year in school time due to class bunks & others. The proposed technology can help the parents to get instant SMS and app notification about their child’s position.
  2. Save Time: Every Institute bears lots of time to take attending reports in the classroom, the Automated Attendance System can address the problem. Then the teacher got lots of extra time for teaching.
  3. Prevent Class Bunk: The reader can raise the alarm if any student is trying to leave the campus before time. It also sends the SMS notification to the parents about the matter.
  4. Restriction on visitor entry: This also can protect the unwanted visitor entry using Access control. Sometimes after getting a visitor pass, visitors try to enter the classroom area, and then the system can raise the alarm.
  5. Restriction on Lab entry: The Kids don’t have any idea about the lab material; some of these are very dangerous. But sometimes Kids enter the lab, playing with the lab material. This technology can prevent unauthorized entry.
  6. Toilet Management: There are lots of Crime cases happening in toilets. Due to privacy, the management can’t fix CCTV in the toilet. The RFID Toilet management system only one solution for preventing any unauthorized entry in school toilets.
  7. Bus Attendance System: The bus attendance system is also a big headache for any transport staff. LF  (Low Frequency) can collect the presence of data from the bus. The system also instantly sends SMS to the parents when students board or deboarding from the Bus.
  8. Hostel Management: RFID Hostel management is a simple but unique concept. By using this radio-frequency system in the hostel you can prevent unauthorized entry or exit in the hostel. Also, you get your asset theft control in your hand.
  9. Canteen Management: Maintain a proper record when the students take their meals in the canteen. Due to depression some students never take their meals on time. By using this technology in the canteen you get a proper report on it. Also, a cashless payment system will be done by this system.
  10. Library Management System: RFID library management system will help you to manage your books in a paperless way. Librarians can issue or return the books in a microsecond. Also, a theft control device will be fixed in the library that will give intimation if someone is trying to steal any books

Why did you choose us?

There are more than 700 companies available in the market who are providing the RFID Attendance system in school, then why did you choose us? Here are some points below :

  1. After-sale service: Actually we strongly believe in after-sales service.
  2. One-Stop Solution: We are providing complete solutions to you from ID cards to GPS, Library to toilet security management to everything under one platform.
  3. Professional & Experienced Team: All team members of our company are very professional. We have been working in this field for more than seven years.
  4. International Client base: There are more than 100+ international clients around the globe who are satisfied with our system. 
  5. No Advance Payment: SPDTG team never asks for a single rupee before work, but we never give any discount after completing the work. 
  6. Fully dynamic software & mobile app: Our software & Mobile apps are fully dynamic and it can be suitable for any educational organization.
  7. In house production: The entire school management software & mobile app are our own productions, so we can customize anything on it without any charges.
  8. Free Demo: SPDTG team provides you, a free demo until you or your clients are not satisfied.
  9. Device Cost: We never charge a single rupee extra cost on devices. Our software supports ImpinjAlienRealtime,TimewatchBiomachine & Mantra devices, you can directly purchase from them.
  10. Data security: We are very focused on data security. We save the data in encrypted format in our server. BilldeskIngenico & CCAvenue give us the best compliment for our data security policy.


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

Hi, I'm Ritika from DPS Ajmer from 7th Std. My school gives me an ID card. Now my parents get a moment SMS notification once I reach the varsity or once I leave the varsity premises. Also, I can check my monthly attendance report from the mobile app.
Student of DPS
Big thanks because of speedtrack team from simplifying the attendance. Now we just take a glance of the whole classroom's attending record during a single click. Now we will spend more and longer on the student's academic study.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
Before installing the RFID System on our campus, I used to be spending much time to see the attendance report of the whole staff. Now I can track the presence report from any remote location including teachers and staff also.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford


Many people having queries about RFID Attendance System pricing, for them, we provide this chart. Prices are negotiable. 


Free demo Available
30 Monthly
  • RFID Attendance System
  • IN, Out SMS and Extra SMS
  • School Management Software
  • Android & iOS mobile App
  • Bus GPS Tracking
  • Fee & Account management
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • 100+ More module


Free demo Available
80 Quarterly
  • RFID Attendance System
  • IN, Out SMS and Extra SMS
  • School Management Software
  • Android & iOS mobile App
  • Bus GPS Tracking
  • Fee & Account management
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • 100+ More module


Free demo Available
250 Yearly
  • RFID Attendance System
  • IN, Out SMS and Extra SMS
  • School Management Software
  • Android & iOS mobile App
  • Bus GPS Tracking
  • Fee & Account management
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • 100+ More module

FAQ of RFID System

Q. What is the full form of RFID?

Ans. The full form is Radio frequency Identification.

Q. How much module in the system?

Ans. There are two modules in this system.
1. LF (Low Frequency)
2. UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

Q. How to use the RFID system?

Ans. We just change your student’s normal ID card. and provides our world with the simplest UHF card. The knowledge associated with the scholar is going to be attached to the open-end credit. When the scholar enters the faculties with a card the reader at the gate will automatically detect the cardboard. The reader will detect the cardboard and intimate the system and therefore the system will recognize the tag consistent with the knowledge stored as per the given record. Then the system will send notification SMS to the oldsters that their child has entered the varsity and at an equivalent time the system will store the knowledge for the report purpose. At the time of leaving the varsity premises, the system will send notification SMS to the oldsters again and can also store the info online.

Q. What is Sppedtrack management software?

Ans. Sppedtrack school software is employed by tons of educational organizations around the world to affect all the varsity administration and management associated activities that comprise student admission, student/employee attendance, examination, a diary of student/employee performance, etc. during a specific and structured manner. This software has 50+ Different modules.

Q. Can Sppedtrack be customized for my school?

Ans. Yes, we might be glad to debate your specific requirements and supply an appropriate solution. Please write to us on info@Sppedtrack.com and that we will turn you.

Q. Does Sppedtrack software need Internet?

Ans. Sppedtrack is a Cloud Server-based application which need good internet connectivity. (Min 512 kbps)

Q. Do you provide training?

Ans. We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.

Q. How Many Students Record It Support?

Ans. We have not able to estimate yet but according to our till date experience, it supports 500000 student records as Sppedtrack is working well with one of our clients after having 5000 records. One more thing technically the database will not crash as it is the SQL Server 2012. And the server is Microsoft Azure with unlimited storage.

Q. Is The Student Information Kept Over The Years?

Ans. Yes, It can keep the record up to 15 years.

Q. How Many Computers Support Sppedtrack Software?

Ans. Sppedtrack is a Cloud Server Application so you can access from multiple devices.

Q. Is There Any Data Backup Facility In The Software?

Ans. Yes, in the Sppedtrack school software large data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all. Up to 20-50 years.

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RFID School Attendance System

RFID School Attendance System with SMS & App notification. The proposed system can send an instant SMS & app notification to the parents. A holistic school management software for generating attending reports.

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