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RFID Attendance for School

Most educational institution’s administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Truancies can affect students’ overall academic performance. This conventional method of attendance tracking by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence it is  inefficient. Our RFID Attendance System using Biometric attendance machine and UHF Rfid reader and has one of the advanced solutions to address this problem. This system can be used to take attendance for the student in school, college, and all other Educational Institute. It also used to take attendance for Teacher, Staff and other Employee.The ability to uniquely identify each person based on their RFID tag that fixed on ID card makes the process of taking the attendance easier, faster and secure as compared to conventional method. Students only need to place their ID card on the reader and their attendance will be taken immediately.

With real-time clock capability of the system, attendance will be  taken on accurate time and hence will be recorded. The system will be connected to the Secured VPN Server through the internet. Our online based school management software helps you to generate Attendance report from anywhere, in any of the device. The Automated Attendance system also sends an instant SMS to the parents/ guardian that the student has reached school or is leaving school… or even if the child has not reported.

Why RFID Attendance System is needful for your school?

RFID Attendance for Student


Do you know Nearly 58,000 students go missing from school in India every year? RFID Attendance system in School, college, Coaching center is generally paper-based which may sometimes cause errors. Taking attendance manually consumes more time. So the proposed attendance system uses RFID technology to take attendance. In this system, for each student, we will issue an RFID ID Card. We fix Some Controlling unit in your institute. Anytime the students entered the school premises with their UHF RFID ID cards, it will take the attendance automatically. This RFID Attendance System is used for Child Safety and tracking purpose. Below are top 20 Points why this system is useful for your institute.

  1. Why waste your valuable time to take students attendance in classroom? Take students attendance automatically through the RFID ID Card which is  paperless and  Go Green.

  2. Automated Information System to Parents about present and absence of their child.

  3. Prevent Class Bunk Of Students.

  4. Always keep eyes on School Busses by using CCTV camera on school bus and prevent unwanted crime.

  5. Stop Bus Accident eg: Over speed, high-jacking the bus by using our GPS Tracker in school Bus.

  6. In 2016-2017 Academic year we found the 40+ crime cases in school toilet that is Ryan  International School (Gurugram), after a long research we got a solution for Student and staff so that they can track the system also and the ID card.

  7. Stop Irregular Attendance and late entry of Teachers & Staff.

  8. Generate Salary of your total staff within a minute.

  9. Prevent unwanted entry of Visitor; approve their identity by scanning their Adhar Card. We also provide visitor management software.

  10. Why Students Carrying cash in pockets for the school canteen, just fix our software in your school canteen and collect bill from student ID card.

  11. After using our library management software prevent losing or stole books from Library.

  12. According to a survey 90% of parents are now as busy, they can’t check their child’s notebook for Homework, with our Mobile App they can track anytime Daily Homework, Notice Board and Academic progress or they can direct chat with class teacher.

  13. Due to  busy schedule of parents they always forget to attend PTM, or many programs in school. Our Advanced Calendar help them to remind those mains agenda to attend those programs.

  14. If Parents miss any programs of schools they also see the beautiful photos, Video in School gallery anytime they want to check and be up to date.

  15. According to Indian Govt. declaration cash payment banned in school from next session, our software helps you to receive online payments from parents without any extra charges.

  16. Develop your students GK by using our online exam portal.

  17. The advantage of our software is its Faster and is also user friendly which can be used 24*7 from anywhere.

  18. If you have hostel also then our Hostel management Software helps you to manage everything in a single click.

  19. Our Software is not just the  best one but our team is also the best who always works hard to make it perfect according to admin requirement, because it is completely an in house product and made in India.

  20. It’s very hard to explain our systems benefits in a single page, to get free live demo in your school just Contact Us

The new rfid attendance tracking system automates-

RFID system Automates

Automated Entry and Exit SMS to parents.

»  Automated Absent SMS to parents.

»  Automation in Digital RFID ID Card printing.

»  Attendance tracking online.

»  Teacher and staff attendance system with payroll management.


»  Automatic Attendance report to admin & teacher.

RFID Attendance System Modules

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Attendance Machine

UHF READER is a high performance UHF RFID integrated reader. It is designed as self-intellectual property. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system, Electronic Toll Management system. But First time in India Sppedtrackgps uses this Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Attendance Machine for student’s attendance system.

Biometric attendance machine (lf ATTENDANCE)


Biometric Attendance Machine refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his or her physiological or behavioral characteristics. It includes fingerprint, iris, facial, retinal and RFID Card also. We are using this technology for student attendance purpose also.

Mobile App Attendance System


The newest technology to mark attendance is mobile app attendance system. Class teacher have to mark the attendance of the student through the mobile app, then parents get SMS notification immediately. No need of any hardware.

How to use Automatic Attendance System in your school?

We just change your student’s normal ID card and give our UHF RFID card. The information of the student will be attached to their proposed RFID card. When the student enters the schools with the card then the reader at the gate will automatically detect the card, and intimate the system will recognize the tag according to the information stored as per the given record. Then the system will send notification SMS to their parents that their child has reached in the school and at the same time the system will store the information for the report purpose. At the time of leaving the school premises, the system will send again the notification SMS to the parents stating he/she has left the school premises and will also store the data online.

Benefits of the RFID Attendance system for the school.

To management :

Our Vision and mission is simplify the whole administors work at the  school, college and universities. The automated RFID attendance system helps you to get error free attendance of the students. Here are some major benefits of this system.


»  Pricing: Get this RFID Attendance system for your school in very low cost.
»  Avialbility: Sppedtrack software can be operated from anywhere in this universe.
»  Reports: Generate attendance report in a single click.
»  RFID Card: We provide complete student RFID ID card.
»  Employee Attendance: School Can easily track their employee attendance report also.
»  SMS & Notification: After using our bulk sms for school you can send any information to students or parents easily.
»  Bus Tracking: School can track their multiple school bus position in a single click after installing our gps tracker in school bus.
»  Library management: Track and manage multiple number of books of your library in our software.
»  Fees Management:We provide holistic fee management section with this software.

To students/Parents :

Thousands of students missing from school each and every year. Our RFID Attendance System helps parents and teachers to get status of their children present and absenteeism. Here are some major benefits of this system for the student.

» Automatic Attendance: After fixing the RFID devices in school parents get automatic SMS notification when the child entered  into the school or is leaving the school.
» Communication: Our system & software helps you to make a better communication system between student/ Parents & Teacher.
» Online Payment: Parents can pay their children’s school fees from mobile app easily & securely.
» Bus Tracking: Now parents can track their children’s  school bus position also in their app.

Service that we offered


Below are the few goods work done by us and that’s why we are proud of it

Hi, I'm ritika from DPS ajmer from 7th Std. My school gives me RFID ID card. Now my parents gets instant SMS notification when I reach the school or when I leave the school premises. Also, I can check my monthly attendance report from the mobile app.
Indian Students
Student of DPS
A big thanks to speedtrack team from simplifying the attendance. Now we just take a look of entire classroom's attendance in a single click. Now we can spend more and more time on the student's academic study.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
Before installing the RFID attendance System in our school, I was spending lots of time to check the attendance report of the entire school. Now I can track the attendance report from any remote location including teacher and staff also.
Indian Principal
Ms. Ragini
Principal Of Shemford

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