Why School Management Software with Mobile App?

Award-wining best school management software with mobile app & RFID is here. We SPDTG team giving you the proposed system free until you are satisfied. 

A school is a corporation during which an outsized amount of various information Le. Student details, staff details, results, student history, certifications, library, notices, etc are stored. This all information must be managed and made consistent for years around, which is extremely important. In today’s world, speed and accuracy are the elemental things necessary to excel and an academic institution also has an equivalent requirement. Every school requires a reasonable and reliable solution for his or her needs and here we are – SPDTG – School  Software providing you with our greatest solutions for college.
SPDTG-School Management Software is developed by SPDTG India Pvt. Ltd. a corporation that has been doing software development jobs over a decade and satisfying customers over the world for long. SPDTG  ERP is specially designed for the varsity people by our team to form the functioning of faculty administration and manage work of an institute effortless and straightforward which is administered on a day by day.

What is School Management Software (School ERP)?

School Management Software may be a paperless office automation solution for today’s modern schools. The School ERP provides the power to hold out all day to day activities of the varsity, making, the fast, easy, efficient and accurate. This software may be a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an establishment namely office administration, schedule. Examination, certification, reports generation, result generation, fee counter, library, canteen, payroll, inventory and lots of more. The varsity ERP system helps educators to manage, analyze and obtain reports of in-depth data while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry.

Some Features of Best School Management software

Online Admission

Online Admission allows you to hold out registration and admission of the latest and old students easily. Students can file applications for admission online in multiple loins and may get necessary details about admission and obtain the status of the admission process online; School can manage student applications and perform admission procedures online, send intimations through E-mail/SMS and collect fees for an equivalent. Online admission gives an exquisite facility for transferring student details to the varsity register just in case of admission is granted. Create reports of student admission details and keep a record of an equivalent as per your need.

School Management software with mobile app

Student Details Management

Student Details Management module allows you to form an inventory of the scholars studying within the school throughout the year and adds and edits their details. can keep a record of the scholars studying in several standards, divisions and mediums. It allows you to look for college kids of a specific stream, standard or division or other section. By using this you can manage the small print of the scholars in your school and it gives you an exquisite facility of automating the entry of student details from the admission section.

02- Student Details Management (FILEminimizer)

Teacher and Staff Management

Teacher and Staff Management allows you to add edit and manage the details of the staff easily. You can check whether they are teachers or office staff. It allows you to see the details of the staff members and search for a specific teacher using the search tool available in the module. It provides a superb facility of automatic addition of detail is of a staff member if the teacher is approved through the appointment module.

03-Teacher and Staff Management (FILEminimizer)

Online Certificate Generation Software

Online Certificate Generation software module allows you to automate the generation of all kinds of certificates needed by the school. You can generate all kinds of school certificates which are 100% customizable for students like bonafide certificate, school leaving certificate, etc. Manage a record of certificate generation. This just not save tons of your time and money but also automates a troublesome and lengthy process.

04- Certificate Generation Software (FILEminimizer)

Circular or Notice Management System

Circular or Notice Management system allows you to publish important news and notices to the web bulletin board. Students, parents, and teachers can access notice boards and can see important news and articles related to activities, holidays, etc School can bring to notice some important details like fees payment dates, etc on the notice board.

05-Circular or Notice Management System (FILEminimizer)

School Bus or Transport Management

School bus or Transportation Management module allows you to manage route and route stops efficiently and simply. It’s integrated with Google Maps in order that you’ll define a route for a specific vehicle and allocate students-staff for that vehicle and keep the transportation up so far. Manage vehicle details and keep a record of auto expenses. Generate customized reports for vehicle details and other information.
We will fix GPS tracker in your school buses, so parents can track the bus like OLA & Uber

06- School Bus or Transport Management​

Hostel Management System

Hostel Management system allows you to manage the hostels proficiently. It allows you to manage students and teachers in different hostel rooms and set pricing for hostel rooms and integrate it with the fee structure. It is linked with inventory software so that you keep a record fall hostel stock items Monitor visitor and student check-ins and check-outs you can also generate customized reports of hostel details.

07-Hostel Management System (FILEminimizer)

Online Stock & Inventory Software

Online Stock & Inventory module allows you to manage the whole inventory of the varsity efficiently and economically. It allows you to manage all the small print of the school’s durables and consumables and keep a record of an equivalent for further planning. You’ll manage the entire inventory with its items and categories. Also, keep a record of order management and merchandise inspections. You’ll get the stock reports of the inventory items and alerts just in case of shortages. you’ll also keep a record of the acquisition order listing and supplier-vendor list for the varsity .

08-Online Stock & Inventory Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Automatic Time-Table Managing System

Automatic Time-Table Managing system allow for, Create and manage time-tables for all the teachers and students for various days and periods with holiday integration. Dynamic time-table for teachers, staff, principals, and students. Create regular and substitution time-table for all the times of the week and substitution time-table for a selected week. Make a schedule of faculty staff consistent with subjects and periods. Make the stressful task of preparing time-table tons easy, Subject wise, Teacher wise, Date wise and Course wise schedule Preparation and Editing. Intelligent System which will assist you within the creation of a timetable.

09-Automatic Time-Table Management System (FILEminimizer)

Exam Scheduling & Result generate

Exam Scheduling & Result generate allows you to schedule exams for college kids of all standards and streams. It allows you to line different subjects for various standards and allocate an equivalent within the exam. It gives you the power of defining various sorts of exams just like the first term, second term, internals, annual, etc for various standards, streams and mediums Grade patterns as per standard-school needs are often defined and maximum-minimum marks also can be defined. 

On exam scheduling & result generate you’ll manage the results of the scholars throughout the year and keep a diary of the scholar results. you’ll carry our scheduling of exams as per the requirements of the teacher by setting timings and duration of exams and other details. you’ll manually enter the marks of the exams as per the exam marks and perform automate generation of report cards and may send an equivalent through email. Thus it provides great relief from the tasks of scheduling exams and maintaining huge results information so easily and competently.

10 - Exam Scheduling & Result Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Homework, Assignment & Tutorials

This ERP offers you the complete solution to keep a record of school homework/assignments and manage it for the students. Teachers can post the homework/assignment online with necessary documents and files and guide the students for the homework. Students can view the homework assigned to them along with the necessary documents submitted by the teachers from their desks.

11 - Homework, Assignment & Tutorials Management System​

Student Fee Management Software

Student Fees Management software module allows you to customize fully flexible and robust fee structures effortlessly. Create different types of fee structure for students of all streams and jacks with different types of scholarships and waivers. Collect tuition fees and school fees with various methods like credit card/ debit card/ net banking securely, Generate customized reports of fees collection, accounts, pending fees, etc. and send fee alerts instantly. Collect different types of fees like participation fees activities fees, picnic fees, canteen fees, and donations and keep a record of all the funds coming and going out through canteen fees, library fines, etc with and simplicity. Generate customized reports for school income and expense as per your need.

12 - School Fee Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Expense Management System

Collect different types of fees like participation fees activities fees, picnic fees, canteen fees, and donations and keep a record of all the funds coming and going out through canteen fees, library fines, etc with and simplicity. Generate customized reports for school income and expense as per your need.

13 -Expence Management System (FILEminimizer)

Teacher & Staff Payroll

Teacher & Staff Payroll allows you to define various types of salary structures for staff members with salary waivers and deductions_ Generate monthly pay-slips for teachers and other staff members_ integrated with online attendance module it allows to carry out necessary deductions and waivers, It allows calculations for PFs, allowances, and deductions as per your need without any error.

14- Teacher & Staff Payroll Management (FILEminimizer)

Accounts Management section including export to tally option

Accounts Management section provides you the power to conclude the complete accounts of the varsity under one module. You’ll manage the entire accounts of the varsity through this module and keep a record of the funds of the varsity. During this section, you’ve got the power of making vouchers. daybook, cashbook journal, profit &loss accounts, record and far more. Your school won’t need accounting software after this module integrated together with your system.

15 - Accounts Management section including export to tally option (FILEminimizer)

Mass mailing to students or parents

This module allows you to send a lot of email with just one click to students of a particular group, standard, stream or to all as per your wish. Students and parents can be sent emails about various upcoming activities and events.

16 - Mass Mailing to students or parents (FILEminimizer)

Bulk SMS for students

With this module you can send SMS to parents regarding exam results, lack of attendance, holidays, misbehavior or misconduct instantly. Automated SMS can be sent to parents regarding complaints against his wards, exam results, and absence of their wards or any misbehavior or misconduct instantly and without any hassle.

17 - Bulk SMS for students (FILEminimizer)

Library Management system using RFID or barcode

Library Management system allows you to hold all the manual library tasks associated with the library like issue/return book easily and diligently. it’s integrated with fine management in order that fine are often issued within the case of the late return of the book. Students can search and check details and availability of the books within the library and therefore the librarian can add/update/delete books and book details and descriptions through the system. Customized reports are often generated for library-related tasks and fine collection very easily. Students can issue a book or join the request queue if the book is already issued.

18 - Library Management system using RFID or barcode (FILEminimizer)

Students / Staff Attendance

Student / Staff Attendance module can be used for marking attendance of students and staff members with full automation, This module is integrated with payroll system so that necessary modifications and ‘deductions can be carried out in the staff salary. The student absence report can be sent to parents by SMS/email. You can generate customized reports of the absence of particular students and teachers term-wise.

19 - Students & Staff Attendance Management (FILEminimizer)

Holistic Reports

Holistic Reports module lets you create different types of customized reports. Some of the many reports that can be generated are as follows: Fee Collection Report, Administration Report, Admission Report, Time Table Report, Result Management Report and many more.

20 - Holistic Report Management (FILEminimizer)

Content Management System

School ERP comes with 100% customizable Content Management System which allows you to manage your website and make a totally dynamic website. you’ll integrate modules like a bulletin board, events calendar, etc with the location to form it more functional. you’ll change menus, articles, images, banners as per your needs. You’ll make the school’s website consistent with your school needs. It manages all of your articles and pictures and allows you to line them on your website as per your need and need, Through CMS module you’ll beautify and manage the design and display of your website as per your wish. It allows you to make and manage all the pages of the varsity from Home Page, About Us, and Admission Forms to Contact Us. Decide the design of your site and display content and pictures as per your choice. You’ll change the design of your site whenever you would like and it only requires your little effort.

21 -Content Management System (FILEminimizer)

Event & Holiday Management

This module allows you to organize three sorts of the calendar for Public Holiday, Special Holiday, and Vacation for the varsity. It allows you to assign different holidays to students and teachers. an inventory of holidays like Christmas Vacation, Summer vacation, etc are often generated and published on the bulletin board with dates. Emails are often sent to students and fogeys regarding holidays. It’s integrated with attendance and library module for straightforward management and better functionality of the varsity.

22 - Event & Holiday Management (FILEminimizer)

Leave Management System

Leave Management module allows teachers and other staff members to request a leave and check its status online. Staff members also can check details of their previous leaves, the amount of leaves and other details. The administrator can take the request and grant the leave online and send the reply back. It allows you to make a report of leaves of a staffer or fall members for a month or for a selected period.

Leave Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Mobile App for School

Presenting the new & advanced mobile apps for school, colleges & universities to make better communication between student, parents and teacher. We are design, develop, test & launch this app for educational institute. With this app parents are always up to date with their child attendance, Homework, circular, events etc. Also they can track their child bus positions.

Wait, Wait, Wait that's not all, we provide more than 100 more modules with this software.

Mobile App for school

Why did you choose SPDTG school Management Software

Easy to use

Easy to use

A simple, easy to use and highly accurate interface for completing the day to day task operation with ease.

2- Automated Attendance System

Safe and reliable

Central management system with a backup system for safe and reliable.

Online Admission

Online Admission

Manage the admission procedure of faculty with ease and effortlessly.

Finance Management

Finance Module

It keeps records of all the financial transactions of the varsity.

14 - Rfid Library Managemet

Library Module

Full-fledged library module system.

Hostel Management

Hostel & canteen

Holistic Hostel & canteen module system.

Payrool Management

Payroll Management

Employee Attendance and Integrated Payroll system.

Student ID Card

Student ID Cards

Automatic Creation of identity Cards and Certificates with only one click.

Customized reports

Customized Reports

Generate differing types of customized reports with only one click.

Transport Management

Transport Management

Manage your transport system with our GPS tracker. The parents can track the bus like an online cab provider company.

Report Card generation

Report Card generation

Automated Examination Management System for Students. Generate any type of mark sheet and report dynamically.

Timetable Management

Timetable Generation

Automated Timetable Generation for all Grades and divisions.

Holiday Management

Holiday & Event Management

Online bulletin board, event management, and holiday calendar generation.

Student Panel

Student Panel

Student’s Desk providing an interface especially for college kids to look at and manage their day to day Work at school.

Mobile App for student

Mobile App for students & teacher

New generation mobile application for Students & teachers.


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Hi, I'm ritika from DPS ajmer 7th std. After getting a login panel in our school management software Also, I can check my monthly attendance report, daily homework, Circular, payment information, and all other required information.
Student of Royal
Big thanks to speedtrack team from simplifying the whole academic & administration procedure. Now I can share daily homework circular, beautiful photographs of the school program in a single click.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
After getting the admin panels from sppedtrack team our administration work become super easy to manage all the things under one platform. It’s very user-friendly anyone can operate the software that has basic computer knowledge.
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Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford

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