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School Management Software with Mobile App​

Welcome to SPDTG School Software! Our innovative School Management Software with Mobile App empowers educational institutions of all sizes, simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing communication. Seamlessly integrating technology, our solution caters to administrators, teachers, parents, and students. With a user-friendly mobile app, parents stay informed, teachers manage tasks efficiently, and administrators streamline operations.

Experience the power of collaboration and productivity with our unified platform—your gateway to a smarter, more organized, and connected educational experience.

Features of School Management Software System with Mobile App.​

School Management Software With Mobile App

School Management Software With Mobile App

Discover the seamless integration of our School Management Software with Mobile App, designed to elevate communication, engagement, and accessibility:

1) Daily Communication System: Foster effective communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. Keep everyone informed about daily activities, events, and important announcements in real time.
2) Homework & Circular Upload System: Empower teachers to effortlessly upload homework assignments and circulars. Parents can access these updates instantly, ensuring a smooth flow of information.
3) Unlimited Photo & Video Gallery: Capture and showcase memorable moments with an unlimited photo and video gallery. Parents can stay connected with their children’s school experiences through a rich multimedia platform.
4) Two-Way Communication System: Facilitate open and interactive communication. Parents and teachers can engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
5) Live Bus Tracking System: Enhance student safety with a live bus tracking feature. Parents can track the real-time location of school buses, ensuring peace of mind.
6) Online Payment Option: Streamline fee payments with a secure and convenient online payment option. Parents can make payments for fees, events, and other expenses through the mobile app.

Our School Management Software with Mobile App is designed to create a connected ecosystem, bringing parents, teachers, and students together for an enhanced educational experience.

Streamlined Online Admission Process

Empower your institution with a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly online admission system. Our School Management Software with Mobile App offers comprehensive admission modules tailored to simplify and expedite the enrollment process.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable Forms: Create and customize admission forms to suit the specific requirements of your institution.

  2. Document Upload: Allow applicants to securely upload necessary documents directly through the portal, reducing paperwork.

  3. Automated Notifications: Keep applicants informed at every step of the admission process through automated notifications via email or SMS.

  4. Application Tracking: Enable both applicants and administrators to track the status of applications in real-time, ensuring transparency.

  5. Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly integrate secure payment gateways for application fees, enhancing convenience for applicants.

Why Choose Our Admission Modules?

Our Online Admission Modules are designed with a user-centric approach, prioritizing ease of use, security, and adaptability. Experience a hassle-free and organized admission process that aligns perfectly with your institution’s requirements.

Online Admission Management System
Advanced Student Data Management Solutions

Advanced Student Data Management Solutions

Our School Management Software offers an array of cutting-edge features designed to revolutionize how educational institutions manage student data, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.
Key Features:

  1. Year-by-Year Data Management: Seamlessly organize and manage student data year by year, simplifying historical records and enabling easy retrieval of past student information.
  2. AI-Based Search Panel: Utilize an intuitive AI-powered search panel to swiftly locate specific student records, making data retrieval quick and hassle-free.
  3. Students Bulk Upload Option: Simplify the onboarding process by effortlessly uploading student data in bulk, saving time and effort during enrollment periods.
  4. Student Photo Management: Efficiently manage student photos, associating visuals with student profiles for easy identification and personalization of records.
  5. One-Click Student Strength Summary: Access a comprehensive summary of student strength with just one click, providing instant insights into enrollment figures and trends.


Why Choose Our Student Data Management System?
Our School Management Software provides an integrated solution that simplifies student data management. From AI-powered search functionalities to efficient bulk upload options and visual student identification through photos, our system ensures streamlined operations and comprehensive insights into student records.

Virtual ID Card for Instant ID Card Print

Empowering schools with cutting-edge technology, our School Management Software introduces the revolutionary concept of Virtual ID Cards. This innovative feature enhances security, convenience, and efficiency within the school environment. Here’s how our Virtual ID Card system excels:

  1. Two-Step Verification: Ensure only authorized access to Virtual ID Cards, adding an extra layer of protection.
  2. Self-Edit Panel in Parents App: Effortlessly update information through a user-friendly self-edit panel within the Parents App.
  3. Verification Module for Teacher: A dedicated module ensures accurate and prompt validation of teacher credentials, contributing to a secure school environment.
  4. ID Photo Management: Upload, update, and maintain high-quality ID photos with ease, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance.
  5. Support Any Printer: Print Virtual ID Cards effortlessly, choosing the printer that best suits your school’s requirements.

Our Virtual ID Card system redefines the traditional concept of ID cards, offering a dynamic and responsive solution for modern school management. Embrace the future of identification with SPDTG School Software’s innovative approach.

Virtual ID Card for Instant ID Card Print
RFID Attendance System UHF module

RFID Attendance Management System

Streamline attendance tracking with our RFID Attendance Management System, designed to simplify and enhance the school’s daily operations. Explore the key features that set our system apart:

  1. Automated Attendance System: Say goodbye to manual attendance recording. Automate the process for accurate and efficient attendance management.
  2. Instant SMS and App Notifications: Stay updated in real-time with instant notifications. Receive SMS alerts or in-app notifications regarding absenteeism or late arrivals.
  3. Holistic Attendance Report: Access comprehensive reports at your fingertips. Gain insights into attendance trends, patterns, and individual records for informed decision-making.
  4. Teacher Staff Attendance: Simplify staff attendance monitoring effortlessly. Enable teachers and staff to mark their attendance seamlessly, contributing to a more efficient workflow.
  5. Absent Report: Generate detailed absentee reports instantly. Identify trends and patterns in absenteeism to implement proactive measures.


Our RFID Attendance Management System isn’t just about recording attendance; it’s about optimizing processes, enhancing communication, and providing valuable insights for better decision-making within the educational ecosystem.

Fee Collection Modules (AI-Based)

Welcome to SPDTG School Software’s innovative Fee Collection Modules, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your school’s financial management. Our cutting-edge system is designed to streamline the fee collection process, ensuring efficiency, security, and unparalleled convenience.

1) Dynamic Fee Structure: Enjoy the flexibility of a dynamic fee structure that adapts to the unique needs of your school and students. 

2)Online Fee Collection: Embrace the convenience of online fee collection, making transactions seamless for parents and reducing administrative workload. Secure online payment gateways ensure a hassle-free and transparent payment process.

3) Data Security: Prioritize the security of sensitive financial data with our robust encryption and data protection measures. 

4) Instant Fee Receipt Generation: Experience the speed and efficiency of instant fee receipt generation upon successful payment. 

5) AI-Based Reporting System: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence for comprehensive reporting and analytics. 

Embrace the future of fee management with SPDTG School Software’s AI-based Fee Collection Modules. Elevate your school’s financial processes, reduce administrative burden, and enhance the overall experience for both staff and parents. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your school stays ahead in the dynamic landscape of educational management.

SPDTG Fee Collection Modules
Communication Management System

Communication Management System

In the dynamic and fast-paced environment of modern education, effective communication is paramount. Our School Management Software with Mobile App is equipped with a robust Communication Management System that ensures seamless and efficient interaction between educators, students, and parents. Here are some key features:
1. Daily Circular & Homework With Attachment – 2 Way: Facilitate instant communication between teachers, students, and parents. Attach relevant documents, assignments, and circulars for quick reference.
2. Calendar & Timetable Management: Keep everyone on the same page with a centralized calendar. Timetable management for easy access to class schedules. Plan and organize school events, exams, and important dates effortlessly.
3. Unlimited Photos & Videos Upload on the Gallery: Create a vibrant visual representation of school activities. Showcase achievements, events, and memorable moments. Provide a rich multimedia experience for parents and students.
4. Practice Sheet Upload and Receive from Students Option: Streamline the process of distributing and collecting practice sheets. Monitor student progress through an interactive platform. Encourage a paperless environment for enhanced efficiency.
5. Newsletter, Positive News, Short Story, and Thought of the Day: Foster a positive school culture with regular newsletters. Share uplifting news, engaging short stories, and insightful thoughts daily. Keep the school community informed and inspired.
6. SMS, Email & WhatsApp Configuration: Choose your preferred mode of communication for alerts and updates. Send instant SMS, emails, or WhatsApp messages to parents and staff.
Configure notifications for important announcements and emergency alerts.

Our Communication Management System is designed to strengthen the ties between educators, students, and parents, creating a collaborative and informed school community. Experience the power of seamless communication with our School Management Software and Mobile App.

Documents Management System

Efficient document handling is essential for streamlined school operations. Our Documents Management System offers comprehensive solutions to organize and track essential records.

1. Manage Unlimited Student Documents: Centralized repository for all student-related documents. Organize and categorize records by student ID, grade level, or document type. Easy retrieval and access to academic transcripts, attendance records, and more.
2. Manage Employee Documents: Simplify HR processes by storing and managing employee documentation securely. Categorize documents by employee ID, designation, or document category. Track certifications, contracts, and performance reviews effortlessly.
3. School Bus Documents Management With Renewal Reminder: Efficiently handle documentation related to school transportation. Store and manage bus-related documents such as insurance, permits, and maintenance records.
Automated renewal reminders to ensure compliance and safety.

Our Documents Management System provides a centralized platform to handle student, employee, and school bus-related documents efficiently. Simplify document retrieval, and compliance tracking, and ensure seamless operations within your institution.
Documents Management System
Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System

Efficiently managing your workforce is integral to a well-functioning institution. Our Human Resources Management System (HRMS) offers comprehensive solutions to streamline HR processes.

1. Manage All of Your Employee Data Here: Centralized repository for all employee-related information. Store and organize data by employee ID, department, or designation. Easily access and update employee profiles, contact details, and certifications.
2. Manage Employee Shifts Dynamically: Flexible shift management for dynamic scheduling. Customize shifts based on departmental requirements or employee preferences. Real-time updates for changes in schedules or shift rotations.
3. Online Leave Management System: Simplify leave requests and approvals through an intuitive online system. Track leave balances, types of leave, and approval statuses in real time.Automated notifications for pending requests and approved leaves.
4. Manage Late Arrivals and Overtime Automatically: Automatic tracking of employee attendance, including late arrivals and overtime. Generate reports highlighting attendance patterns and deviations. Streamline overtime compensation and adherence to schedules.
5. Collect Attendance Using Biometrics, Face, or Card: Secure attendance collection through various methods, including biometric scans, facial recognition, or RFID cards. Accurate and reliable attendance tracking for payroll and analytics.
6. Generate All Employee Salary in a Single Click: Effortlessly generate comprehensive salary reports for all employees. Customize salary structures and deductions as per organizational policies. Instant generation of pay slips for transparency and record-keeping.

Our HRMS empowers institutions to effectively manage their workforce, optimize scheduling, track attendance accurately, and streamline payroll processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Transport Management System

Our comprehensive Transport Management System goes beyond just ensuring safe travel for students. It’s a complete solution that enhances convenience, security, and efficiency:

1) Manage Route, Stop Wise Student Allocation: Efficiently organize transportation routes and allocate students to specific stops. Streamline the process, ensuring smooth boarding and drop-offs at designated stops.
2) Offline Fee Collection Module: Facilitate fee collection even without an internet connection. Ensure seamless transactions, eliminating disruptions due to connectivity issues.
3) Online Fee Collection In any Bank: Offer flexibility with multiple payment options. Parents can conveniently pay transportation fees through various online banking portals.
4) Live GPS Tracking For Parents & Admin: Empower parents and administrators with real-time GPS tracking. Monitor the location of the school bus for enhanced safety and timely pickups/drop-offs.
5) Automated RFID Attendance System: Implement a robust attendance system for students boarding the bus. Automate attendance marking through RFID technology, ensuring accurate records.
6) Live CCTV With Two-Way Audio: Enhance security with live CCTV monitoring inside the school bus. Enable two-way audio communication, ensuring immediate assistance if needed.

Our Transport Management System ensures a safe, convenient, and transparent experience for students, parents, and school administrators throughout the transportation process.
Transport Management System
Automated Visitor Management System

Automated Visitor Management System

Enhance your school’s security and streamline visitor management with our state-of-the-art Automated Visitor Management System. Explore the key features designed to ensure a safe and controlled environment:

1. Online Visitor App for School Security: Prioritize security with an online visitor app. Visitors can pre-register, providing essential information before arriving on campus.
2. Live Photo Capturing System: Capture live photos of visitors for enhanced identification. Ensure accurate records with real-time photo verification.
3. OTP-Based Mobile Number Verification System: Verify visitor identities through OTP-based mobile number verification. Strengthen security measures before granting access to the premises.
4. Instant Visitor Pass Printing On Wireless Printer: Expedite the check-in process with instant visitor pass printing. Utilize wireless printers for seamless and efficient pass generation.
5. Thank You Message to Visitor: Extend a personalized thank-you message post-visit.Enhance visitor experience and leave a positive impression.
6. Statistics Reporting of Visitors: Access comprehensive statistics and reports on visitor data. Analyze visitor trends and patterns to optimize security protocols.

Our Automated Visitor Management System ensures a controlled and secure environment while providing a user-friendly experience for visitors and staff alike.

Unlimited Online Exam

Revolutionize your assessment processes with our Unlimited Online Exam module, offering advanced features and dynamic setups for a seamless examination experience.

1) Fully Dynamic Master Setup for Admin: Empower administrators with a fully dynamic setup for creating and managing exams. Customize exam parameters, duration, and question types effortlessly. Adapt exams to diverse subjects and grades with ease.
2) MCQ, Short & Long Question Setup: Versatile question types to cater to different assessment needs. Create Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), short answer questions, and long-form questions. Tailor assessments to suit various subjects and evaluation criteria.
3) Image Type Question with High-Processing Server: Enhance assessments with image-based questions. High-processing server ensures swift loading and optimal user experience. Support for visual subjects and creative evaluations.
4) Mathtype Question – First Time in Our Software: Integrate mathematical equations seamlessly into your exams.Mathtype support for accurate representation of mathematical concepts.A groundbreaking feature for a comprehensive assessment platform.
5) Capture Photo to PDF Option in Our Mobile App: Enable secure and efficient remote assessments using our mobile app. Photo-to-PDF feature ensures authenticity by capturing images and converting them into PDFs.Enhance the flexibility of exams with mobile accessibility.
6) Auto Result Published with Statistics Reporting: Instantaneous result publication for efficient feedback.Comprehensive statistics reporting for insights into student performance.Streamlined analytics to track overall exam trends and identify areas of improvement.

Our Unlimited Online Exam module empowers educational institutions with a flexible and feature-rich platform, ensuring a smooth and insightful examination process.

Unlimited Online Exam
Marks & Report Card Statistics System

Marks & Report Card Statistics System

Empower your school’s assessment and reporting with our Marks & Report Card Statistics System. From dynamic setups to AI-based statistics reporting, elevate your institution’s academic management.

1) Fully Dynamic Master Setup for Admin: Administrative control with a dynamic setup for creating and managing marks and report cards. Customize parameters, grading scales, and reporting structures effortlessly. Adapt to evolving academic requirements seamlessly.
2) Mark Entry Option for Teacher with Multiple Validation: Streamlined mark entry process for teachers. Multiple validation layers ensure accuracy and prevent errors. Simplified interface for efficient recording of student performance.
3) Termwise Exam & Result Setup: Comprehensive termwise exam and result configuration. Set up and manage exams based on academic terms. Dynamic result generation based on termwise assessments.
4) Statistics Reporting Studentwise – AI Based: AI-driven statistics reporting for in-depth insights.Students performance analytics for informed decision-making. Identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement effortlessly.
5) Custom-Designed Report Card: Create visually appealing and informative custom-designed report cards.Tailor report card layouts to match your institution’s brand and style.Present academic information in a clear and organized manner.
6) Softcopy Download in Students & Teacher App: Enhance accessibility with softcopy download options. Students and teachers can download report cards conveniently. Access academic records anytime, anywhere through the mobile app.

Our Marks & Report Card Statistics System offers a comprehensive solution for academic assessment, providing administrators, teachers, and students with powerful tools for efficient management and insightful analysis.

Online Hostel Management System

Elevate your hostel administration with our comprehensive Online Hostel Management System. From seamless room allocation to secure premises, our system ensures a hassle-free hostel experience.

1) Manage Multiple Hostels from One Dashboard: Centralized control to oversee and manage multiple hostels effortlessly. Streamline operations with a unified dashboard for administrators. Access real-time data and updates for efficient decision-making.
2) Auto Room and Bed Allocation: Automated room and bed allocation for optimal space utilization. Intuitive algorithms for fair and efficient allocation processes. Easily manage room changes and adjustments as needed.
3) Online Leave Management with Parents Confirmation: Simplify leave requests with an intuitive online management system. Parents receive leave requests for confirmation, ensuring transparency. Real-time notifications and updates for parents and hostel administrators.
4) Online Payment Collection Module: Streamline fee collection with an integrated online payment module.Secure and convenient payment options for parents and guardians.Automated receipts and real-time updates for financial transparency.
5) RFID Canteen Management Solution: Enhance canteen operations with RFID technology.Efficient tracking of food consumption and expenses.Seamless integration with hostel accounts for streamlined billing.
6) Secure Premises with RFID & Face Detection: Ensure secure premises with RFID and face detection technology.Control access points and monitor movements for enhanced security.Real-time alerts and reports for security personnel.

Our Online Hostel Management System is designed to optimize hostel administration, offering a range of features that prioritize efficiency, security, and convenience for both administrators and residents.

Hostel Management System
Stock Management System

Online Stock Management System

Optimize your school’s inventory management with our advanced Online Stock Management System. From seamless product tracking to streamlined procurement processes, our system ensures efficient stock control.

1) Manage Multiple Products from One Dashboard: Centralized control to manage a diverse range of products from a unified dashboard. Streamlined operations with easy navigation and accessibility.Real-time updates on product status and inventory levels.
2) Manage Multiple Vendors Online: Simplify vendor management with an online portal. Efficiently collaborate with multiple vendors for seamless procurement. Track vendor performance and maintain a comprehensive supplier database.
3) Online Purchase Orders (PO) & Goods Receive Note (GRN): Streamline procurement with online Purchase Orders. Automated Goods Receive Notes for accurate inventory updates. Real-time tracking of procurement processes.
4) Online Offline Sales Option: Flexibility in sales processes with both online and offline options.Online sales for a seamless shopping experience. Offline sales option for in-person transactions and events.
5) One-Click Stock Inventory Reports with Location: Generate comprehensive stock inventory reports with a single click. Easily track stock levels, sales trends, and product movement. Detailed insights into stock locations for efficient retrieval.
6) Instant Low Stock Alert on Email or WhatsApp: Proactive stock management with instant low stock alerts. Receive notifications via email or WhatsApp for timely reordering. Prevent stockouts and ensure a smooth supply chain.

Our Online Stock Management System provides an integrated solution for efficient inventory control, enabling schools to manage products, vendors, and procurement processes seamlessly.

Online Library Management System

Elevate your school’s library experience with our sophisticated Online Library Management System. From efficient book tracking to seamless fine collection, our system ensures a modern and user-friendly library environment.

1) Manage Unlimited Books from One Dashboard: Centralized control to manage an extensive collection of books from a single dashboard. Streamlined operations with easy navigation and accessibility. Real-time updates on book availability, location, and borrower details.
2) RFID-Based LMS for Handsfree Operation: Revolutionize library operations with RFID technology. Hands-free book tracking for efficient check-ins and check-outs.Enhance security and minimize errors with RFID-based book management.
3) Barcode-Based Books Issue-Return System: Simplify book transactions with a barcode-based system.Efficient issue and return processes for both staff and students.Quick scanning for accurate record-keeping and inventory management.
4) Online Offline Fine Collection System: Streamlined fine collection with both online and offline options. Online payment for fines for convenience and efficiency. Offline fine collection for in-person transactions.
5) Books Return Reminder on SMS/App/WhatsApp: Automated reminders for pending book returns. Notifications are sent via SMS, app, or WhatsApp for timely returns.
Reduce overdue books with proactive communication.
6) Easy Inventory with RFID Handheld Reader: Effortless inventory management with RFID handheld readers.Quick and accurate book counts for efficient library audits. Minimize manual efforts with RFID technology.

Our Online Library Management System provides a comprehensive solution for modernizing library operations, enabling efficient book management, and enhancing the overall library experience for students and staff.

Library Management System
Software Supported Devices

Supported Devices in our software

Our School Management Software is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of devices, providing flexibility and compatibility for a smooth user experience.

1) Integrated with Tally Prime & Cloud: Efficiently synchronize financial data with Tally Prime and Cloud. Real-time updates for accurate accounting and financial reporting. Streamline administrative processes with integrated financial management.
2) Integrated with Google Meet & Zoom: Seamless integration with popular video conferencing tools. Facilitate virtual meetings and collaborative sessions effortlessly. Enhance communication and connectivity for remote learning and administrative meetings.
3) Support Any Bluetooth Printer: Versatile support for any Bluetooth-enabled printer. Print documents, reports, and receipts directly from our software. Ensure convenience and flexibility in document management.
4) Support All Major RFID Readers: Comprehensive compatibility with major RFID reader brands. Utilize RFID technology for secure access control and efficient inventory management. Seamlessly integrate RFID readers into various aspects of school operations.
5) Support Any Barcode Reader: Flexibility to connect with any barcode reader device. Simplify data entry and book management with barcode scanning. Enhance efficiency in library management and inventory control.
6) Free Payment Gateway for Any Bank Account: Access to a free and secure payment gateway for transactions. Support for transactions from any bank account. Streamline fee collection and financial transactions with ease.

Our School Management Software ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, providing a versatile and integrated solution to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions.

Why did you choose SPDTG school Management Software

Easy to use
Easy to use

A simple, easy to use and highly accurate interface for completing the day to day task operation with ease.

2- Automated Attendance System
Safe and reliable

Central management system with a backup system for safe and reliable.

Online Admission
Online Admission

Manage the admission procedure of faculty with ease and effortlessly.

Finance Management
Finance Module

It keeps records of all the financial transactions of the varsity.

14 - Rfid Library Managemet
Library Module

Full-fledged library module system.

Hostel Management
Hostel & canteen

Holistic Hostel & canteen module system.

Payrool Management
Payroll Management

Employee Attendance and Integrated Payroll system.

Student ID Card
Student ID Cards

Automatic Creation of identity Cards and Certificates with only one click.

Customized reports
Customized Reports

Generate differing types of customized reports with only one click.

Transport Management
Transport Management

Manage your transport system with our GPS tracker. The parents can track the bus like an online cab provider company.

Report Card generation
Report Card generation

Automated Examination Management System for Students. Generate any type of mark sheet and report dynamically.

Timetable Management
Timetable Generation

Automated Timetable Generation for all Grades and divisions.

Holiday Management
Holiday & Event Management

Online bulletin board, event management, and holiday calendar generation.

Student Panel
Student Panel

Student’s Desk providing an interface especially for college kids to look at and manage their day to day Work at school.

Mobile App for student
Mobile App for students & teacher

New generation mobile application for Students & teachers.


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

Hi, I'm ritika from DPS ajmer 7th std. After getting a login panel in our school management software Also, I can check my monthly attendance report, daily homework, Circular, payment information, and all other required information.
Student of Royal
Big thanks to speedtrack team from simplifying the whole academic & administration procedure. Now I can share daily homework circular, beautiful photographs of the school program in a single click.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
After getting the admin panels from sppedtrack team our administration work become super easy to manage all the things under one platform. It’s very user-friendly anyone can operate the software that has basic computer knowledge.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford

FAQ Of School Management Software and Mobile App

Q: How does the online admission process work?

A: Our system provides a user-friendly interface for parents and guardians to submit admission applications online. The process is intuitive, with step-by-step guidance.

A: Yes, you can track the status of the application in real-time through the portal. Notifications will be sent for any updates.

A: Our system enables efficient organization and retrieval of student information, including academic records, attendance, and personal details.

A: We prioritize data security. Our system employs robust encryption measures to safeguard all student information.

A: Absolutely! Our system provides a virtual ID card that can be easily printed at home for instant access.

A: Once logged into the system, users can access and print the virtual ID card directly from their profiles.

A: RFID cards/tags are issued to students and staff. Attendance is recorded automatically when they scan their cards at designated points.

A: Yes, the RFID attendance system seamlessly integrates with other modules, including academic and communication systems.

A: The system uses AI to analyze fee structures, predict collections, and generate reports. This optimizes the entire fee management process.

A: Yes, parents can make payments online through various secure payment gateways integrated into our system.

A: Our communication system provides a centralized platform for real-time communication between teachers, parents, and school administrators.

A: Absolutely. Parents receive notifications through the system, ensuring they stay informed about their child’s academic progress and school updates.

A: The document management system streamlines the storage and retrieval of important documents, ensuring easy access and compliance with data security standards.

A: Yes, our system supports a variety of file formats, making it versatile for managing documents in different formats.

A: The HRMS covers employee data management, leave tracking, shift management, and payroll processing.

A: Yes, the HRMS is fully customizable, allowing schools to adapt the system to their unique HR requirements.

A: Yes, the HRMS is fully customizable, allowing schools to adapt the system to their unique HR requirements.

A: Yes, parents can track the school bus in real-time through the mobile app, providing them with peace of mind.

A: The system requires visitors to register, providing an extra layer of security. Instant badges are printed for authorized access.

A: Absolutely. The system generates reports on visitor data, helping schools analyze visitor patterns for enhanced security.

A: Our system supports a variety of exams, including multiple-choice, short answer, and math-type questions, offering a versatile online testing platform.

A: Our platform incorporates security measures such as AI-based monitoring and strict access controls to ensure exam integrity.

A: The system provides detailed insights into student performance, enabling parents and students to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

A: Yes, our system allows for the customization of report card formats to align with the school’s preferences and branding.

A: The system centralizes hostel operations, offering features such as automated room allocation, leave management, and fee collection.
A: Absolutely. The system provides online access for parents and guardians to track hostel-related information and communicate with hostel authorities.
A: The system allows for efficient tracking of stock levels, vendor management, and procurement processes, ensuring schools maintain optimal inventory.

A: Yes, our system provides one-click stock inventory reports with detailed insights into stock levels and movement.

A: The system simplifies book tracking, check-in/check-out processes, and provides easy access to a virtual ID card for instant library access.

A: Yes, our system supports a variety of resources, including books, multimedia, and other educational materials, offering a comprehensive library management solution.

A: Our software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

A: The integration allows seamless synchronization of financial data between our software and Tally Prime/Cloud for efficient accounting.

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