Why Use School Management Software with Mobile App?

School Management Software with Mobile App has been developed to make school management activities easier. It is a system that simplifies the process of filing information and storage of data. Considering that schools are institutions that have hundreds of important files containing sensitive information, a proper way of protecting these details is necessary and that’s why we highly recommend the use of our School Management Software with Mobile App. The best thing about this software is that it can perform many tasks within seconds due to its automaticity. It can process and store things like student details, staff information, examination results, student history at different times, certifications, library information, notices, etc.

The School Management Software with Mobile App stores and manages all the information consistently for many years which is extremely important. The system manages all these activities in such a systematic and organized manner that safeguards this data for many years to come. In today’s world software that ensures high speed and accuracy in data processing is very elemental and should be made a necessity by all institutions. Every school requires a reasonable and reliable solution to sort all data management and that’s why SPDTG School Software provides you with a permanent solution.

SPDTG-School Management Software is developed by SPDTG India Pvt. Ltd, a well-known corporation that has been creating software for years. For over a decade, we have received positive feedback from satisfied clients all over the world. SPDTG software is specifically designed for schools and institutions that serve many people daily. It aims to help schools manage their administerial work effortlessly and using less energy and time.

What is School Management Software (School ERP)?

School Management Software is a paperless office automation solution in today’s modern schools. The ERP system can manage all day-to-day school activities in a way that is fast, easy, efficient, and accurate. This software is a powerful tool because it is an integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution such as the administration office, library, canteen, laboratory, and lots more. The varsity ERP system helps educators to manage, analyse and obtain reports of in-depth data of students while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry situations.

Features of School Management Software System with Mobile App.

Online Live Classes with Zoom and Google Meetings.

One main feature of our School Management Software with Mobile App is that it provides online live classes. This means that students can attend lessons while at home or far away from school purely online. Many platforms do not offer this service and therefore this makes us number one School Management Software with Mobile App providers.  Also, unlike other platforms which provide single live lessons, our software does many functions such as Google meetings, zoom classes, Free Conferences, and 10 more services associated with online video classes.

Online Live Class with Zoom & Google Meet

Online Exams Management.

School Management System with Mobile App also enables schools to conduct examinations online. We are past the times where students had to physically attend classes in order to sit for their examinations. We are in the era of technology and that’s why we have taken an advantage of it to come up with a unique system that will help millions of students globally. Because this system has an app, the exams can be conducted through it in a way that ensures no cheating or coping. How does this work? All questions are set and timings planned by the teachers on the same App. Students are sent a notification with examination date and time and so, they all log in and the system automatically activates and even detects when students are flipping books for answers. During the exams, the system will update students the remaining time and after its over, it automatically deactivates the exam board marking exams complete. Again, exams are marked online and results displayed and parents are able to access them as well. All this data is then recorded and stored safely within the system.

Online Exam Software

Online Admissions.

School Management System with mobile App allows schools to perform online admissions of new students. This helps save time that teachers use when trying to fill in all the details manually. Since it is an electronic system, this means that registration of students can be done from a remote place and the school will still receive these details. It is made in such a way that enables parents and students to fill the school application forms online with the help of the mobile App. Admission can be conducted online and it can receive and process details of many students at once. Once the students have filled in their details like name, age, class, etc the School Management Software System with Mobile App updates the status of the admission process online. From here, schools can then manage student applications and perform admission procedures online, send invitations through Email/SMS and collect fees equivalent from parents or guardians. Once this is done, the system then allows transferring of student details to the varsity register if admission is granted.

School Management software with mobile app

Student Details Management.

The School Management Software with Mobile App allows you to form an inventory of the scholars studying within the school throughout the year. The system adds and edits their details while keeping a record of the scholars studying in several standards, divisions, and mediums. It allows schools to access specific details of specific students within a specific stream, standard or division, or other section. This is very helpful because it is an automating system that performs entry of student data, saving teachers time which increases their productivity.

02- Student Details Management (FILEminimizer)

Teacher and Staff Management.

The School Management Software with Mobile App enables schools to manage teachers and staff details easily. It makes it easier for managers to check and know whether teachers or office staff are present. It provides an option where you can search and see the details of a specific employee using the search tool available in the module. Again, also provides an automatic addition of staff members’ information. When a teacher for example has an appointment, it can be planned and conducted on the same platform.

03-Teacher and Staff Management (FILEminimizer)

Online Certificate Generation Software.

The School Management Software with Mobile App is integrated with the Online Certificate Generation software module which allows schools to automate the generation of all kinds of certificates needed. It can generate school certificates that are 100%, customized for each specific student. Unlike in the past where schools heavily depended on manual printers to do the job, this system with a mobile App can create multiple certifications and all will be accurate and well presented. Bonafide certificates, school leaving certificates, performance certificates, etc, can all be made possible by this software. After the certificates have been made, the same system keeps a record of them and stores the data contained in these certificates. How cool is that?

04- Certificate Generation Software (FILEminimizer)

Circular or Notice Management System.

The School Management Software with Mobile App makes it possible for schools to send short notices to parents, teachers, and other employees. Circular or Notice Management system allows you to publish important news and notices to the web bulletin board of the school. Students, parents, and teachers can then access notice boards and can see important news and articles related to activities, holidays, special events, exam dates, etc.  In case the admin has important information to share, he/she does not need to call a physical meeting but just send the notice and it will be received by all people. Important details like fees payment dates, fee balances, etc can be sent on the notice board as well.

05-Circular or Notice Management System (FILEminimizer)

School Bus or Transport Management.

The School Management System with Mobile App has a school bus or transportation management module that allows parents and teachers to know any activities happening on the school bus. They can be able to know how far the bus is and this helps them plan on how to pick their children up from school. It’s integrated with Google Maps that helps define various routes for a specific vehicle and allocate students/staff for that particular vehicle. The software also manages vehicle details and keeps a record of auto expenses such as fuel costs. It can as well generate customized reports for vehicles every day so that the managers can know how these vehicles are operating on the road. It is integrated with a GPS School Tracking System so parents can track the bus just like we can track Uber and Bolt. This ensures children are always safe.

06- School Bus or Transport Management​

Hostel Management System.

The school management system with the help of a Mobile App has made it possible for administrators to closely monitor the students’ hostels. The Hostel Management system allows them to know how students are faring on proficiently. It allows the management of students and teachers in different hostel rooms, which then sets the pricing of the hostel rooms. The pricing is then integrated with the fee structure. It is linked with inventory software so that you keep a record of all hostel stock items that are available or have been used to run the hostel. The same system monitors visitors to these hostels and student check-ins and check-outs. If a report concerning a particular is needed, it will automatically be generated.

07-Hostel Management System (FILEminimizer)

Online Stock & Inventory Software.

The School Management Software with Mobile App is integrated with an Automatic Time-Table Management system that makes it easier to create timetables. These timetables are then distributed to students which makes them know and prepare for the subjects they are having on a specific day early. The software can create timetables for teachers, staff, principals, and students as well. The entire year timetables are filled in this system and can be adjusted at any time. It makes the schedule of faculty staff consistent according to subjects and periods. Preparing timetables is a tiresome and time-consuming activity that can now be done away with using this software. The timetables are made according to the subjects, teachers, dates, and courses involved.

08-Online Stock & Inventory Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Automatic Time-Table Management System.

Automatic Time-Table Managing system allow for, Create and manage time-tables for all the teachers and students for various days and periods with holiday integration. Dynamic time-table for teachers, staff, principals, and students. Create regular and substitution time-table for all the times of the week and substitution time-table for a selected week. Make a schedule of faculty staff consistent with subjects and periods. Make the stressful task of preparing time-table tons easy, Subject wise, Teacher wise, Date wise and Course wise schedule Preparation and Editing. Intelligent System which will assist you within the creation of a timetable.

09-Automatic Time-Table Management System (FILEminimizer)

Exam Scheduling & Result Generation.

The School Management Software with Mobile App can also be used to schedule exams. The system is set in a way that after the exams are done by students, the results are generated automatically which the school can send to parents. It manages examinations of students in all classes, something that reduces manual work hence saving time. Exams are arranged according to class, dates, semester, year, etc, and having information arranged in this way reduces administerial workloads. Results are then analysed according to students’ name, class, date, term, year, etc and all this information is also systematic for easier retrieval.

The School Management Software with Mobile carries out the scheduling of exams according to the teacher’s requirements, sets timings and duration of exams. The marks are entered manually and then the system automatically generates report cards which are sent to parents through email or an SMS.

10 - Exam Scheduling & Result Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Homework, Assignment & Tutorials.

This ERP School Management Software System helps teachers with difficult tasks associated with homework. It offers a solution to all these small yet tiring tasks by keeping a record of school homework/assignments that are given to students. Teachers post the homework/assignment online and attach necessary documents, files, and guides which help students to learn and answer questions in the assignments. Since the Mobile App can be downloaded on the phone just like other Apps, the students can view the homework assigned to them along with the necessary documents submitted by the teachers. Teachers can also send tutorials of experiments, explanations, and many more to students. Parents can use the same App to know if their children take assignments seriously because once the assignment is submitted for marking, the results are displayed on the App.

11 - Homework, Assignment & Tutorials Management System​

Student Fee Management Software.

School Management Software with Mobile App allows parents to easily manage and pay their children’s school fees at the comfort of their own homes. This system has a module that allows you to customize fully flexible and robust fee structures effortlessly. It creates different types of fee structures for students in all classes accurately without missing a detail. It can also process students’ scholarship details. It collects tuition and school fees using various methods like credit and debit cards and all the banking details used in the payment process are securely protected from third parties. It also generates customized reports, paid fees, pending fees, etc, and sends fee alerts instantly. It also keeps a record of participation fees, activities fees, picnic fees, canteen fees, library fines, and donations.

12 - School Fee Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Expense Management System

Collect different types of fees like participation fees activities fees, picnic fees, canteen fees, and donations and keep a record of all the funds coming and going out through canteen fees, library fines, etc with and simplicity. Generate customized reports for school income and expense as per your need.

13 -Expence Management System (FILEminimizer)

Teacher & Staff Payroll.

The School Management Software with Mobile App helps school administrators and HR managers process payments for teachers and staff members. It allows institutions to know and define various types of salaries to be paid. Also, it can be used to know staff members with salary waivers and deductions, something which could be difficult without this School Management Software with Mobile App. The software generates monthly pay-slips which are then integrated with the online attendance module to know when these employees miss lessons. It allows calculations for PFs, allowances, promotions, and deductions without any error.

14- Teacher & Staff Payroll Management (FILEminimizer)

Management of School Accounts.

The School Management Software with Mobile App is a very key tool to the institution’s accounting department. It provides accountants with the ability to calculate different money from various sources all one under one module. You’ll manage all accounts associated with the intuition. This prevents mismanagement of funds or loss of cash which can make schools suffer a major loss. It manages information from vouchers. daybooks, cashbook journals, profit & loss accounts, and much more. And of course, it records and stores all this information safeguarded.

15 - Accounts Management section including export to tally option (FILEminimizer)

Bulk SMS for students.

The School Management with Mobile App can send multiple SMS at once. Unlike other systems which send one SMS at a time, our School Management Software with SMS sends hundreds of messages with just one click. With this module, institutions can send SMS to parents regarding exam results, lack of attendance, holidays, misconduct behaviours, etc instantly. Also, when there is a complaint about students at school, automated SMS can be sent to parents and the necessary approach can be approached. The system helps reduce the cases of exams theft, and cases of truancy among students which then enables teachers and parents to monitor such students closely.

16 - Mass Mailing to students or parents (FILEminimizer)

Students / Staff Attendance.

Student and Staff Attendance modules are made to help schools keep a record of their employees and students. The module works with the help of a smart card that contains specific details of each student. Anytime a student enters the school the system server will detect this card and mark the student present for that day. In case a student is missing a class, the absence report is sent to parents by SMS/email electronically. The system applies to teachers and other supporting staff as well.

19 - Students & Staff Attendance Management (FILEminimizer)

Library Management system using RFID or barcode.

The School Management Software with Mobile App is integrated with the library management module which allows librarians to manage book lending and collecting services. Sometimes manual keeping the exact record of students who attend the library can be hard and some details may end up missing. For this reason, we highly recommend our School Management Software with Mobile App because it’s made to reduce your work and it is 100%. Students can use the same system to search and check the details of books available within the library. The librarians can add, update, or delete books in this system and it will back up the data for future reference. Students can issue a book or join the request queue if the book is already issued using this system.

18 - Library Management system using RFID or barcode (FILEminimizer)

Holistic Reports

Holistic Reports module lets you create different types of customized reports. Some of the many reports that can be generated are as follows: Fee Collection Report, Administration Report, Admission Report, Time Table Report, Result Management Report and many more.

20 - Holistic Report Management (FILEminimizer)

Content Management System.

The School ERP comes with a 100% customizable content management system that enables you to manage your website. It is created to include modules like a bulletin board, events calendar, blog posts for school curriculum, etc. This can be customized according to the needs of the institutions. It can be used to write and post content in the form of blogs, menus, articles, images, banners, and many others. The layout of this website can be modified using different designs and colours that match the school’s requirements.

21 -Content Management System (FILEminimizer)

Event & Holiday Management.

The School Management Software with Mobile App is a very practical platform. It is made to help school administrators and managers organize three sorts of the calendar for the public, special and vacation holidays for the varsity. From this App, students and teachers as well as other support staff can access details concerning events like Christmas and Easter holidays. And even when on a holiday, students still receive important notifications on school opening dates, assignments, exam dates, etc. This system is integrated with a leave management module that teachers and staff members can use to request a leave. It displays the status of the leave and the number of days as well. The administrators can then check the requests and grant or deny them by using an instant reply.

22 - Event & Holiday Management (FILEminimizer)

Leave Management System

Leave Management module allows teachers and other staff members to request a leave and check its status online. Staff members also can check details of their previous leaves, the amount of leaves and other details. The administrator can take the request and grant the leave online and send the reply back. It allows you to make a report of leaves of a staffer or fall members for a month or for a selected period.

Leave Management Software (FILEminimizer)

Mobile App for School

Presenting the new & advanced mobile apps for school, colleges & universities to make better communication between student, parents and teacher. We are design, develop, test & launch this app for educational institute. With this app parents are always up to date with their child attendance, Homework, circular, events etc. Also they can track their child bus positions.

Wait, Wait, Wait that's not all, we provide more than 100 more modules with this software.

Mobile App for school

Why did you choose SPDTG school Management Software

Easy to use
Easy to use

A simple, easy to use and highly accurate interface for completing the day to day task operation with ease.

2- Automated Attendance System
Safe and reliable

Central management system with a backup system for safe and reliable.

Online Admission
Online Admission

Manage the admission procedure of faculty with ease and effortlessly.

Finance Management
Finance Module

It keeps records of all the financial transactions of the varsity.

14 - Rfid Library Managemet
Library Module

Full-fledged library module system.

Hostel Management
Hostel & canteen

Holistic Hostel & canteen module system.

Payrool Management
Payroll Management

Employee Attendance and Integrated Payroll system.

Student ID Card
Student ID Cards

Automatic Creation of identity Cards and Certificates with only one click.

Customized reports
Customized Reports

Generate differing types of customized reports with only one click.

Transport Management
Transport Management

Manage your transport system with our GPS tracker. The parents can track the bus like an online cab provider company.

Report Card generation
Report Card generation

Automated Examination Management System for Students. Generate any type of mark sheet and report dynamically.

Timetable Management
Timetable Generation

Automated Timetable Generation for all Grades and divisions.

Holiday Management
Holiday & Event Management

Online bulletin board, event management, and holiday calendar generation.

Student Panel
Student Panel

Student’s Desk providing an interface especially for college kids to look at and manage their day to day Work at school.

Mobile App for student
Mobile App for students & teacher

New generation mobile application for Students & teachers.


Below are the few goods worked done by us and that’s why we are pleased with it.

Hi, I'm ritika from DPS ajmer 7th std. After getting a login panel in our school management software Also, I can check my monthly attendance report, daily homework, Circular, payment information, and all other required information.
Student of Royal
Big thanks to speedtrack team from simplifying the whole academic & administration procedure. Now I can share daily homework circular, beautiful photographs of the school program in a single click.
Indian Teachers
Ms. Nidhi
Teacher, Blue bells
After getting the admin panels from sppedtrack team our administration work become super easy to manage all the things under one platform. It’s very user-friendly anyone can operate the software that has basic computer knowledge.
Admin (FILEminimizer)
Ms. Ragini
Principal of Shemford
1. What is School Management Software with Mobile App?

It is software used by schools to closely monitor various activities such as exams, holidays, accounts, school fees, student transportation, etc. It is an automatic system that processes everything electronically and has a mega capacity to promote the storage of information.

2. How Does School Management Software with Mobile App Work?

It works using a very simplified way and can be operated by anyone, students included. First, the school buys the software from us, and our team installs it within the school premises. From there, the App is made and a special code and password are availed to the administrator. The App is then sent to both Apple Store and Apps Store for verification and when accepted, it is made available to all students, parents, and supporting staff. From this moment on, all the information concerning students, examinations, calendars, holidays, school fees, attendance, and many more can be accessed.

3. How Much Does School Management Software with SMS Cost?

To make this service available to many people, we have set it at INR 15000, the price that can be afforded by any institution.

4. How Safe is Data Contained in School Management Software with Mobile App?

Our system is 100% secure and does not allow saved data to be accessed by third parties. It is made using the latest technology that guarantees high data security. We have been in the industry for the past decade and we have never received any complaint from our customers on issues of unauthorized people accessing data.

5. Can School Management Software with Mobile App keep student information years?

Yes, and this is 100% true. The system stores all the data collected from the students over the years. The data will be highly secured and it is easily accessible. It stores the history of a student from the moment he/she joins the school until they leave. On completion, the student can choose to keep or delete the information. It can be stored for up to 15 years.

6. Do I have to pay to use the School Management Software with Mobile App as a Parent?

No. This application is purchased by schools and any as a parent, you have the right to use it at no cost.

7. Who is School Management Software with Mobile App made for?

The software is made specifically for kindergarten, primary, secondary, high schools and universities or colleges. It is designed to serve teachers, students and supporting staff by storing all the information safe. Companies can use it as well.

8. Do You Offer Training on How to Use the School Management Software with Mobile App?

Yes, we do. Once the school has purchased the system from us, our experts make sure that they have taught the school on how the system works. We do not charge for training sessions. It’s absolutely FREE!

9. Do you Offer Customer Support Services on the Purchase?

Yes. Our software is integrated with a 24/7 customer support services that are always ready to answer questions concerning the App. Also, we have an emergency number where we receive direct calls in case of emergency such as data theft, hacking etc. (Stealing of data has never happened though).

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