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Presenting online payroll management software with anintegrated RFID attendance System. By using Online Payroll management system you can manage your remote locations offices in a single click. You can collectthe attendance remotely and can generate salary slip Online. HRMS & Payrollmanagement is the most complicated task for the HR team of a company we are tryingour best to simplify the whole workflow. Please spend your few minutes and take a look of this system features& pricing. 

Online Attendance System

Online Attendance System

Attendance collection is now easier with our online RFID devices. The RFID devices can be collect the data automatically and send to the central server. With the help of this software you can generate the attendance report from anywhere over internet.

The new generation radio frequency system can collect the presence & Absence record remotely. If you have multi branches in multi location the system can help you to collect all attendance in a single dashboard.

Manage Employee Data

Manage your employee data with this online payroll management software. You can create a dynamic department, designation, or new branch before uploading employee data. You can view, edit, or delete the employee data over the internet from any device.

You can manage the account number, ESIEPF & other accounts with this module. It reminds you of the joining date & retirement date. Also, you can upload all employee image & relative Documents scan copy.

Manage Employee data
Assign Over time and late arrival

Assign Overtime & Late Arrival Rules

HR can set the overtime and late arrival rules dynamically. Overtime can be calculated after a time period of automaticlly. Also, HR can set the late arrival rules dynamically, its start deducting the amount from salary after a free late allocation period.

There are also some magical rules available inside this system. If HR Selects the overtime amount 1:2 then it will add a double amount for overtime hours, the same rule applies for late also, depends on how HR saves it.

Expense Management & More

Now you can manage the office expenses with this Online payroll management software. You can maintain the record of the voucher day by day. Also, there is an option to upload the receipt & other documents provided by your employee.

It’s very hard to explain the all features on a single page, there are more than 100+ modules available in this system. We have more than 126 clients around this globe who are successfully using this system more the 6 years. Please feel free to contact us for a free demo.

Expence Management & More