Timewatch Bio-1 Biometric Device (LF)

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Technical Feature

User Capacity:3,000 (Fingerprint/Password/Card)

Log Capacity:1,60,000

LCD Display Screen: 2.4” TFT Color Screen

Communication Interface: TCP/IP, USB

FAR(False Acceptance Rate) : <0.0001%

FRR (False Rejection Rate): <1%

Verification Speed: < 1 Second

Operating Voltage : 5V/1A

Access Control: Built-In

Battery Back Up: Built-In

*Door Open Close

*WiFi (Optional)


Bio-1 is 2.4” Color Screen Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal supports up to 3,000 Fingerprint / Card / Password Its adopts Bio Id (fingerprints) collector for excellent recognition and optional Wi-Fi for convenient communication. The user can manage data via TCP/IP and USB host port for data download/ upload to avoid the risk of accidental deletion optional could based solution for remote data right.

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